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Easy Bathroom Upgrades that Increase Your Home Resale Value
Posted on Wednesday, September 17, 2014

If you are considering selling your home, keep this in mind: the appearance and features of your bathrooms can literally make or break a sale. If a bathroom in your home is lacking key features and elegant enhancements, you risk losing a sale to an otherwise interested buyer. But don’t fret, there are a number of simple upgrades that can improve the appearance of your bathroom and even increase the resale value of your home.

Fixtures are quick to replace and can significantly enhance features and appearance. Consider replacing existing sinks with a more contemporary vanity. Features that appeal to large numbers of people include storage space, water saving faucets, lighting, and mirrors. Be sure to pick a vanity that is appropriately sized for your bathroom to guard against making the space look crowded or too small.

Replacing old toilets with eco-friendly options can also greatly increase the appeal of your bathroom. Matching accessories such as toilet paper holders and toilet brush holders can further improve the appearance and attractiveness of your commode.

If possible, look into upgrading lighting. This can be done by adding a skylight or window for natural light. It can also be done by replacing old fixtures with more efficient and attractively designed light features.

Finally, take into account the state of your tub or shower. Upgrades that can make a space more inviting include shower bars, rain shower heads, and built-in shelving. You can further enhance the area around your shower by replacing towels bars with heated warmers and choosing soft colors for tiles.

Many upgrades can be done with little to no experience, though some installations may require professional help. Take time to plan out your redesign before you start and enlist the help you need to ensure spectacular final results.

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