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Has your vanity been damaged by water? There’s no need to scrap the entire thing just yet. In fact, many vanities can survive water damage and those that are impacted may still be repaired with simple fixes.

First off, solid wood vanities are a very good investment. Not only do they tend to hold up to daily use better than medium-density fiberboard (MDF), they tend to withstand significantly more water. However, just because solid wood is less likely to warp, swell, crack, or bubble following exposure to excessive amounts of water doesn’t mean it is impervious to damage. 

Cabinetry and shelving may require replacing following water damage, though surface areas can often be treated by sanding and refinishing the affected areas.

To remove water stains from a solid wood vanity:

  •        Sand the areas to be treated
  •       Apply a wood bleach containing oxalic acid
  •       Sand again, this time with 220 grit sandpaper 
  •       Apply a matching finishing coat

Unlike solid wood, MDF can easily warp, crack, and bubble. However, making repairs to MDF may be slightly easier. So long as the foundation of the vanity has not been compromised, you can often repair MDF by simply peeling off the veneer and reaffixing it with a strong carpenter’s glue. Be sure to protect the outer surface with wax paper and to tightly clamp the veneer for at least 24-hours for optimal results.

If a vanity is damaged beyond reasonable repair, it may be time to consider a new one. This option can even provide you with an unexpected opportunity to upgrade other parts of your bathroom for a redesign more suited to your current tastes.

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