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Contemporary vs. Modern Bathroom: What's the Difference?
Posted on Wednesday, September 24, 2014

While often used interchangeably, modern and contemporary – so far as design goes – are not the same thing. This does not mean the words cannot be used as synonyms under other circumstances, but when it comes to design themes, they enjoy some very clear differences.

When a style is referred to as contemporary, the implication is that it’s happening right now. Pulling from a variety of inspirations, contemporary style often aims to create new and innovative permutations of Art Deco, Futurism, and Deconstructivism – frequently blending these elements with designs from different cultures and communities. 

Currently, contemporary design is trending towards a green focus with renewable and reclaimed surfaces, eco-friendly lighting and fixtures, and environmentally neutral paints. The eco-trend is constantly evolving, much like contemporary style, allowing for a number of new designs to become available every year.

Whereas contemporary design is constantly evolving, modern style is static. In fact, this style has not changed much since the mid-20th Century. Modern style has specific characteristics that work to make a space look futuristic, open, and even minimalist. Simple lines and bolder colors complement chrome accents and high gloss finishes that often elicit a sense of luxury. In bathroom design, modern style may incorporate floating vanities, glass showers, and fixtures made of molded plastic or metal. All of this combines to create a look that is at once futuristic and classic, a combination that comprises the very heart of modern design.

Modern and contemporary design can be complementary and even combined into transitional themes. However, it is important that you choose a style that is consistent with the other features in your home to produce a sense of continuity throughout.

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