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There are a number of upgrades that can be made to school bathrooms to make them both more hygienic and less wasteful – many of which begin with automation. Automated faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers, and toilets conserve water, prevent the spreading of germs, and help keep areas cleaner. These items also produce a look and feel that is more modern and accessible to younger generations.

Other school bathroom updates can focus less on technology and more on student creativity. For example, allowing students to paint murals on the walls or to artistically decorate stalls encourages student involvement. It also helps students feel more responsible for keeping the area clean, further improving hygiene.

Scholastic activities, news, and school updates can be placed in inexpensive plastic frames attached to the inside of stall doors or next to mirrors. This gives students information they need in a space where they are, frankly, a captive audience. These frames can become a revenue generator if your school accepts advertising from local businesses such as driving schools or for booster clubs and other in-school organizations.

Upgrading school bathrooms can help produce a more comfortable and inviting environment which can, in turn, increase scholastic achievement. Talk to your district about upgrade potentials and get to work on creating a more relaxing environment for your students today.

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