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A simple internet search in any city in America will provide an overwhelming list of contractors, all of whom claim to be right for any job you throw at them. Choosing one on a whim may seem preferable to sifting through their information, but when you are hiring someone to remodel your bathroom, taking your time to choose the best team for the job is essential.

There are local and national websites that rate contractors based on real customer experience. Some people find these sites very useful, but they do not always have the full information you need. This makes knowing how to select the right contractor on your own very important.

What to Look for in a Bathroom Remodel Contractor

When selecting a bathroom remodel contractor it is important to remember that:
  • Good contractors are bonded and licensed. Make sure any contractor you are considering is licensed in your area and carries proper insurance
  • Good contractors are active in their profession. Ask your potential contractor about professional affiliations, union memberships, and other trade activities that show their dedication to their craft
  • Good contractors are respected. Ask for references and make contact with those references
  • Good contractors are approachable. You will have a professional relationship with your contractor. He will be in your home and working around your family’s needs. Interviewing potential contractors to understand their work habits and time frame is always a good idea. So too is gauging how comfortable you feel talking to a contractor
  • Good contractors are upfront. Ask about pricing and deadlines upfront. If you are unhappy with the answers, ask about options that are more conducive to your needs
Good contractors are not hard to find. Sadly, neither are terrible ones. And when considering a remodel of the room in which you start and end your day, time spent selecting the best one for the job is always worth the effort.

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