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On the Coming of Spring and Renovation
Posted on Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Although it’s hard for many people to remember due to the extremely cold and snowy weather (hi, polar vortex), spring will be here in just a few weeks. This might not mean much to states that never get snow, or should have gotten snow, but didn’t (hi, California), but to a lot of people, this simple demarcation means they made it. Snow will continue to fall in March and maybe even April, but it’s spring snow. And spring snow is good for flowers, right?

Rites of Spring

It’s the idea of rebirth, renewal, and refreshing oneself. There’s Easter, Ostara, and lots of other ways to mark the coming of spring. One of the more practical ways to mark the coming of a new season, and what might also be called tradition in many homes, is spring cleaning. 

While everyone has their own ideas about what spring cleaning means, every culture has something with regard to how you can change, or even improve, where you live with a shaking off of winter’s chill. Again, this is probably more popular where it gets cold, and it isn’t necessarily all in March or April. Still, if you’ve been tracking in dirt, leaves have been sticking to your shoes, and winter clothes are piled up for easy access, it’s time to think about cleaning house.

Along the lines of cleaning house, shaking out the drapes, and getting ready for some warm weather, adding to or improving the home itself is an annual event. Rites of spring can be a many tiered event.
Maybe it’s the cold, but showers and baths are longer during the fall and winter, which means you’re spending more time in the bathroom. Whether you’re simply soaking in your bathtub or luxuriating in a steam shower, it gives you time to look around and really take in the room. Are you happy with it? Maybe it’s time to update the bathroom in part or in whole. Regardless, it’s time to change. 

Chalk up this change to the Wheel of the Year making another partial revolution. Things age, fall apart; people grow, evolve, and want different – and new – things. What seemed like a perfectly reasonable traditional room when you moved in might now be better suited as a modern room. When thinking of updating or renovating your bathroom, think of form and function. Where is the eye drawn, and what do you want to be seen? 

The Vanity

One of the central pieces in any bathroom used daily is the vanity. This is usually a focal point, as well. Vanities come in many different forms that are perfect for whatever size bathroom you have. Half baths and master bathrooms both need a vanity. We use them as storage, counter space, as a base for the sink, and all of these combined.

Vanities are one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your bathroom. Wall mount or floor mount options depend on your preference, as do the addition of double or single sinks. They can be matched to compliment mirrors and medicine cabinets directly above them, giving the area, no matter how small, a way to stand out. The variety of finishes and colors allow homeowners to go with a theme or make the room stand out separate from all other rooms in the home. 

Bathtubs and Showers

Spring cleaning and bathroom renovation wouldn’t be complete without considering your bathing options. If you live in a house with a shower and tub combo, but have never used the bathtub (or only use it rarely), perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a walk-in shower with body spray jets. Timers, aromatherapy, and massage are only some of the options here.

On the other hand, maybe you want to increase the function of your bathtub because you enjoy soaking in it regularly. Soaking tubs are made for this activity, and also include jets as an option. This turns soaking in a tub into more of a luxuriating experience. 

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you might even have the room for both a walk-in steam shower and a soaking tub – or even whirlpool. Like vanities, tubs come in a variety of styles to fit with your traditional or contemporary ideas. There are many solutions to bathing and beyond when it comes to bathroom renovation ideas.

For how long it seems the cold sticks around throughout the autumn and winter, it’s important to keep in mind, if only to ease your mind, that spring will come. As surely as the sun will rise, a new season will come and bring with it possibility. Whether it’s because we’ve opened the curtains and windows to let the sun and warming air in, we also grow expansive in the way we see our living space. As you consider what to give up, give away, clean out, and square away with the approach of spring, consider how things might change with a bathroom renovation. Let the light in and see what happens.

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Posted on Friday, February 14, 2014

At first it was just George Washington’s birthday celebration, and for a long time the country celebrated it. However, with the advent of Lincoln’s presidency, and the fact his birthday also comes in February, it was decided to give both Washington and Lincoln a day of remembrance. This seems a lot more important than a simple birthday celebration, which it certainly has become.

Presidents’ Day in a Nutshell

Presidents’ Day, always celebrated the third Monday in February, may be a result of Washington and Lincoln, but it’s also another day for America to remember its history. President Chester Arthur turned Washington’s birthday into a federal holiday in 1885, and the government made Washington’s birthday an official holiday in 1968.

Although it might only recognize Washington at the federal level, it’s commonly known as Presidents’ Day since most people see Lincoln as a preeminent presidential figure. After the Civil War, the states that were part of the Confederacy took exception to celebrating Lincoln’s birthday at the national level, and so it’s still only officially Washington’s birthday remembrance. However, in general, We, the People, like these two guys, and so we celebrate by taking the day off.  Along with that, it’s also a traditional day of businesses cutting prices and offering sales.

Presidents’ Day Sales

Why are there sales on Presidents’ Day? Rather than swelling with patriotic pride at watching a reenactment of Washington crossing the Delaware, and then rushing out to buy things to keep the economy going (and there’s nothing wrong with that), it’s a little more practical than that. While each business has its own reasons for a Presidents’ Day sale, one thing that remains constant is that it’s the first big sale of the New Year.

After the Holiday sales, where many places might increase their stock, February is the month to try and get rid of a lot of those extra items. However, it’s also another time of the year to celebrate you, the customer. No business, Dé included, would be able to keep plugging along without customers. So, why not let them take advantage of a day off work with a sale? Presidents’ Day Sale

Keeping in line with this idea, is happy to offer our very own Presidents’ Day sale. Everything in stock, except for sales and clearance items, is 10% off.  This includes things like vanities, luxury showers and bathtubs, medicine cabinets, and more.

With 10% off most items, you have a little more leeway when it comes to really creating the environment you want in your bathroom. Maybe you simply need to update your hardware or sink, or maybe you want to go whole-hog and completely change the way your bathroom looks. Whatever your plans are, stocks the big and little items you need to give you the ultimate bathroom.

February is also between your New Year’s resolution and Spring Equinox, giving many people a measuring point between two big events. Although Presidents’ Day may not ever be as popular as Valentine’s Day for most, it’s still one of those holidays the country should at least give a nod to. In fact, even if you only equate Presidents’ Day with sales, consider’s sale as one that bookends Valentine’s Day nicely. Some of the most romantic settings are in tubs filled with bubbles whose counters are covered in candles that are lit for that one person in your life.

In the end, by celebrating the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln, Presidents’ Day is really about celebrating all presidents. By extension doesn’t this mean celebrating those who voted for all the presidents (even the ones you don’t like)? And if we’re celebrating those who voted for them, that means celebrating us. So, while this isn’t the Fourth of July or Memorial Day, and it’s during the shortest month of the year, which is cold right now for many people across the country, take the time to pause and remember all the presidents. Do you think you’d get the same kind of sales and day off if you lived in a country with a king or queen?

Take advantage of this fact by taking 10% off on all items in stock at, except for those already on sale, or on clearance. Let this Presidents’ Day be remembered as the one you began to change some things around the house.
Use coupon code: PRES10

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Valentine's Day Inspiration
Posted on Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Valentine's Day is around the corner. To get into the lovey dovey spirit, we at put together a Valentine's Day-inspired Pinterest Board.

Visit our Pinterest board for your next bathroom remodel.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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