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Antique and Classical Bathroom Décor
Posted on Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Personal style is probably more varied today than at any time in history, much of it due to the internet and the access to information not possible as recently as even ten years ago. Having home décor information at your fingertips, like appliances for any room or sample color palates, in a matter of clicks is a pretty nifty feature for those interested in the way their home looks. Although you and your friends may enjoy the same kinds of music, authors, movies, and clothes, no two people will be exactly the same in their preferences. This also extends to home décor, including the bathroom.

Access to nearly limitless styles means that you don’t need to feel bound to whatever is popular today, and your personal choices may change as you evolve throughout the years. Why shouldn’t your personality be reflected by your interest in antique or classical home décor?

Many people purchase bungalows or homes built at the beginning of the 20th century with the intention of restoring them to what they may have looked like at that time. The difference being today’s products can have an antique appearance, but be made with quality materials that add comfort to our 21st century way of living. Those whose interest lies in 18th or 19th century design can almost have the best of both worlds.

Old World aficionados can find ageless aesthetic in bathroom vanities, bathtubs, and mirrors. Antique and classical faucets and interior doors are details not to be overlooked. However, before you decide on this style for your bathroom, you should ask yourself if this is the right idea for your home and your tastes.

 Interest in vintage home décor is not a sudden trend. Every age has its groups of people more excited about what styles have passed than what the current trends look like. Is it the simplicity or the ornate features of lines and curves? Maybe you’re tired of a modern look and want the comfort of this tried, but true, aesthetic throughout your home. Modern functionality and quality are a given when you get a sink with a classic look. No worries about plumbing or rust, or awkward temperatures need be part of your daily ritual even if your faucet isn’t “modern” in appearance.

Once you have decided you want to look at designs that match your interest in 18th century French décor, you need to decide if this is something you want throughout your home, or just in some areas. While you may shop antique stores looking for the perfect table for your dining room, your bathroom needs to be practical in its functionality, especially since it will be used nearly every day.

As with other rooms in the house, your bathroom may have a central focal point. If that focal point is your mirror, do you want the mirror to literally frame and reflect your personal take on this look every time you look into it? Do you want your vanity to have some of the ostentation and flair that is notable in many antique pieces, or do you want it to be more subtle?

Cost concerns may be what you’re consistently coming up against, but there are many mirrors, vanities, sinks, and faucets that are well within most homeowners’ budget. There are just as many people who decide on antique styling piecemeal as there are those who buy everything at once. You should feel comfortable with your choices, no matter what you decide.

Along with creating an antique décor in the bathroom, is the rest of your home decorated this way? Will it be styled this way in the future? Focusing on one room to complete, like the bathroom, may be easier to avoid an unfinished appearance. Since the bathroom is usually a confined space, it may not take much to completely focus on fitting every appliance with an antique theme.

Extending or drawing out this theme directly outside the bathroom can act as a precursor or even transitional accent between rooms with different themes. If you, or your family, aren’t as in love with the idea of antique décor throughout the rest of your home, much can be done to alleviate sudden changes. This may be as simple as patina picture frames or vintage art work placed where changes in décor are coming.

Bathrooms with antique décor are for people who want all pieces to be noticed. While this style isn’t for everyone, it can give a sense of nostalgia and comfort to homeowners who want the pastoral theme that Old World, or old American, elegance lends itself to. There are many different ideas that can come from playing around with details of bathroom décor. The rediscovered newness of age-old styles may be why antique or classical themes stay with every generation, and why every generation finds a different way to express this idea.

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