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Creating Comfortable Spaces for Holiday Guests
Posted on Monday, November 25, 2013
Many people will be entertaining friends and family during the holiday season. Juggling Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, and home entertainment lies on the foundation of what your physical space is, and can be. Where are your guests most likely to spend their time? Chances are most people will overlook the bathroom when it comes to thinking of where guests spend time in their house. However, the bathroom, like the kitchen, is one of the most visited places in your home. If your guests are staying overnight or over the Thanksgiving weekend, it is one room they’ll come to know intimately.

When designing, updating, or simply decorating your bathroom, you are focusing on your own needs, both practically and aesthetically. Yet, most of us still want to wow our guests in every room, including the bathroom. Beyond color schemes that work well, no matter what time of year, the vanity, shower, and toilet design do much to add to the personality of your house or apartment.

Different Features, Different Looks

There is a wide selection of classical vanities and modern vanities available. While each bathroom is its own enclosed area, it is also an extension of what your other rooms look like. Some people find that a classical look, complete with antique vanities, mirrors, and more, suits their style. Others find the minimalism of modern bathrooms working well with a contemporary feel. Of course, as many bathroom ideas as there are, your style doesn’t have to match the theme of the rest of your house at all.
Your bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in the house, as nearly every major appliance in it has a central purpose. No matter your style preference, it is absolutely worth the investment to get showers, baths, toilets, sinks, and vanities that fit your needs. However, they should still speak to your style and aesthetic. You can accessorize and decorate throughout the year to celebrate different holidays, like Thanksgiving or New Year’s Day, but it all comes back to the basics of the sink, toilet, and bath as the base for your style.

Size Does Matter with Bathrooms

Space is the most important aspect when considering your bathroom. The size of your bathroom will dictate what works best, both for you and your guests. It’s possible for a half-bath to standout as much as a full-sized bathroom will. Utilizing smaller or narrower items, such as stand-alone or corner sinks, elongated toilets, or even linen side cabinets can create “big” space for you and your guests.
Larger, full bathrooms have showers, bathtubs, and even whirlpool bathtubs that allow overnight guests a luxury they may not have in their own homes. So, while guests come for the company and food, knowing they can use a steam shower is an added benefit.

Think about some of the bathrooms you thought were more than simply rooms in a home you visited as a guest. What did you like about the space and the functionality? Think about how you might use what you saw and recreate it in your own space. A bathroom that is pieced together with the right shower or sink can make a statement that is as inviting to your guests as it is to you. What is it that makes a bathroom a comfortable place to visit as a guest? Your goal is to make them feel at home in every single room.

Questions to Ask Yourself when Preparing Your Bathroom for Guests

Some things to keep in mind when thinking about your bathroom as an extension of your overall home, and an inviting space for guests include:

  • What are the needs of your guests?
  • What sorts of accents or accessories don’t your guests have in their own homes that you can treat them to while visiting?
  • Can you temporarily create space for your guests in the shower, linen cabinets, medicine cabinets, and any place else they might use?
  • What does the overall presentation of your bathroom say about you as a resident and as the host or hostess? What do you want it to say?

The holidays are a time to reflect on things like family, friends, and the future, but it is also a time you can reassess your own living space. We spend time in the bathroom every day. As this room needs to comfortably address our everyday needs, it should be a room we want to spend time in as much as we do the other rooms. The bathroom is as important as any other space when our “house” becomes our “home.” 

Happy Thanksgiving from

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