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Voting closes on 2013 in toilet paper wedding contest
Posted on Thursday, June 13, 2013

The top three finalists of the 2013 Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest will be announced soon, as the public voting for the event has now come to a close. The contest has been happening for several years and involves crafting a gown out of Charmin toilet paper, the sponsor of the contest. The three finalists will be flown to New York City to be judged by Kate Pankoke, former contestant on Project Runway and owner of her own bridal boutique, on June 6, according to the event's webpage.

Susan Brennan, one of the contestants, recently had an interview with the Detroit Free Press in which she discussed her own style and her dress. Brennan, a cheerleader for the Detroit Pistons, has won the contest for the last two years running, which includes a $2,000 prize this year, according to the source. Brennan is no stranger to fabric design - she graduated from Michigan State University after studying textile and apparel design. Every year, the 27-year-old, two-time champion sets out to do something different.

This year, Brennan's dress features an exciting new element - it's actually two dresses. In its first form, the dress is a long, elegant wedding gown incorporating large floral swirls and delicate, patterned grooves along the back. The dress took nearly 11 rolls of toilet paper (and no small amount of hot glue and patience) to make, but that's not all. The entire bottom of the dress is removable, revealing a fun, shorter skirt hiding under the traditional wedding garb. "This year, the biggest part is that the long skirt portion of the dress is able to come off," Brennan said of her design according to the Detroit Free Pess. "You undo a couple little closures ... and you're ready to dance."

The first annual toiler paper dress contest was held in 2005, and the event has been going strong ever since. As the years go on, the entries become more elaborate and stylized, though that's not the say the entires for the first year aren't impressive either. Showing the top 10 semifinalists of each year, the event's page shows the huge amount of talent and work that goes into crafting these highly-absorbent gowns, which are often complete with trains, bouquets, vales and jewelry all crafted from toilet paper. It truly makes one wonder about the possibilities of such a simple, ubiquitous product. 



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