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Sony's latest smartphone, the Xperia A, has an ability that many mobile phone owners wish theirs had: Water resistance. The new phone can reportedly withstand being dropped in the toilet and having drinks spilled on it, a feature that many of other pricey technological gadgets lack.

Water resistance

Though the phone is unable to withstand being underwater indefinitely, it can be submerged for 30 minutes before it becomes irreparably damaged, as long as its port flaps are closed. Sony hopes that the phone's hardiness will make it a popular seller. and has used the waterproof aspect as a selling point, according the Forbes. Though not as tough as phones marketed to construction workers and other laborers, this model still has the advantages of a large, high definition screen and web applications that other, sturdy models don't.

A quote from the company given to the source states: "Don't worry if you drop it in the bath or the toilet. It will still work after 30 minutes submerged in water." Though the company doesn't encourage putting the phone in water, many people have tried otherwise and it continues to function.

This is a vast change from many other phone models, which were fragile to humidity. According to information from the phone's blog, nearly a third of phone owners in the U.K. had experienced water damage to their cell phones. Nearly half of this damage came from accidentally dropping the phone in the toilet. Once the new phone is thoroughly sanitized, it's completely ready to go. The company hopes that this will put the phone ahead of its competitors.


In Japan, where the phone has been available since May, the Xperia has outsold competitors. It has even eclipsed sales of Apple's iPhone, which still dominate the U.S. market as far as single phones go. While Sony hopes that the new phone will outsell the popular Apple product, some analysts doubt whether this will be possible.

People in the U.S. have a strong brand loyalty to Apple, even though some of its products are expensive and don't come waterproof. In addition to the Xperia's waterproofing, it is also dust resistant, so it may be more convenient for people looking to tote the gadget outdoors.



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