Thursday, May 30, 2013

Toilets get technical

Kohler has recently launched a new toilet with a twist. The Numi Comfort Height comes complete with hi-tech gadgets to improve your bathroom experience.

New toilet technology

According to Kohler, the model allows you to play your favorite music in addition to streaming FM radio and podcasts wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection, which is stored on an SD card or by plugging your device directly into the toilet's remote control. This toilet sits higher than most at 18 inches for increased adult comfort, and is able to clean itself

The Numi Comfort Height also includes ambient lighting in seven different colors, and a battery back-up that is capable of 100 flushes during a power outage. On top of this, the model will monitor the frequency of use and turn off the heated seat when not needed to save power. 

The model can also be adjusted to suit your specific preferences, and that of up to five other residents, in regards to the seat and foot warming devices. But it's not all flash - the toilet also conserves a significant amount of water per flush. Integrated into the advanced toilet is a stainless steel bidet wand, complete with a precision air dryer and deodorizing filter. Kohler also installed a USB port in the model to allow for regular updates. 

You can control this hi-tech toilet via a touch screen remote that comes with an input jack for an MP3 player. The remote can be stored on a wall-mounted docking and charging station. 

Past toilet technology

A similar model, called Satis, was invented by the Japanese company Lixil in 2012. The Satis can be cleaned, flushed and otherwise adjusted through your smartphone, according to the Huffington Post.

To use the model, the user must download a specific app prior to using a Bluetooth connection to hook up the two devices. The app allows the Satis owner to adjust the heat and position of the seat, flush or clean the toilet remotely and play music through built-in speakers. It also allows users to control the gallons per flush that each use gets, in addition to the level of intensity at which the bidet is used. 

The two hi-tech toilets have a lot in common, but the most distinct feature is perhaps a remote controlled bidet in each model.