Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Smartphone apps help out bathroom users

These days, mobile apps can serve just about any purpose, and some are even designed specifically for bathroom needs. 

Shower-based noise makes bathrooms less awkward

Do you feel suddenly shy if you need to use the toilet while your significant other is brushing his or her teeth? The Huffington Post UK recently reported that there's a new app perfect for anyone who shares a lavatory

"Fake Shower," an app made by Akatu, drowns out your typical bathroom sounds with the sound of falling water. 

An old trick is to throw the sink faucet or bathtub on to muddle your sounds, but now by simply pressing a button, you can use the can with discretion. 

Not only is this app convenient, it's also eco-friendly. Just think of the gallons of water you'll save by not leaving the faucet running during your bathroom activity. 

Plus, the app has options. Once you've downloaded it, you can choose the tap or shower setting. Depending on how much of a sound barrier you need, you can also adjust the intensity of the "water flow."

Restroom-seekers find the cleanest toilets in Singapore

Another app may help restroom users scout out the most hygienic lavatories. According to Channel NewsAsia, the Restroom Association Singapore recently created an app called LOO, or Let's Observe Ourselves. This app not only directs users to the most hygienic toilets, but also allows people to give feedback on toilets that are particularly high on the clean scale. 

"As a non-profit charity advocating for clean public toilets, we are always keen to leverage on the use of new technology to promote our cause," Tan Puay Hoon, president of RAS, told the source. "With the launch of the mobile version of LOO Connect, this marks another milestone in our mission."

When looking for a bathroom, the app offers a few categories. A bathroom to avoid is a "Disgusting Toilet" that is not well-maintained. A "Certified Restroom," on the other hand, is part of the Happy Toilet Program, meaning that the RAS has audited and approved its cleanliness.

Users can add new locations or post comments on toilets already in the system. Simply specify the type of toilet operator, whether its in a bus terminal or food court, and give it a rating. With this sort of organized system, public bathroom users can guarantee that the toilet they're heading to is up to their cleanliness standard.