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Spring is here and, for many homeowners, this is the time of year when they take a closer look at their living spaces to look for areas of improvement or a new design scheme altogether. One decorative layout that never seems to go out of style is the rustic backdrop, which aims to seamlessly blend modern style while embracing nature. With a mixture of naturally-inspired furnishings, dazzling bathroom accessories and a few personal touches, you can accomplish these design scheme with ease. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

Hunt for flea market finds

One way to add a dose of personality and a classic style is to search through flea markets and antique shops this spring to find a series of furnishings that can improve the look of your bathroom. If you're looking to save some space, consider picking up an antique coat rack to hold towels, bath robes and other items to conserve your wall space. Additionally, keep an eye out for old mason jars and other containers that can be used to hold cotton balls, swabs and bath gels. These found items are a great conversation starter and they are also a very cost-effective means of decorating your space.

Invest in new window treatments

Window treatments are often overlooked in bathrooms, but they can play an important role in setting the decorative scheme of the space. Wood blinds blend in beautifully with a rustic aesthetic, but the high moisture content of the room may not make them conducive to your needs. Luckily, faux wood blinds are a great solution that won't be prone to warping and color fading over time and will provide a seamless view that will pair beautifully with the room's furnishings. Best of all, you can leave your windows open during the daytime and not have to worry about potential damage to your window coverings during a sudden storm.

Vessel sinks

If you're thinking of installing a new bathroom vanity in the space, make sure you give your new piece of bathroom furniture a major focal point with a vessel sink. These sinks come in countless styles and colors to suit your overall decorative layout, and you can even change out the piece over time with your changing interior design needs. Last but not least, consider adding a waterfall faucet to truly bring in a natural touch that your spring and summer guests are sure to love.



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