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When you walk into a public restroom to use the toilet, you likely don't expect yourself to be viewed through a two-way mirror. However, this is exactly what happened to women who visited a Scottish nightclub - men were able to pay $8,000 to see females in the ladies' room for just a few moments. The Shimmy Club has been under fire as of late with more people catching onto the fact that they're being watched, according to the Scottish Sunday Express.

"The fact that these two-way mirrors only look into the ladies' bathrooms and not the men's makes it clear that the intention is to sexualize women as objects, allowing men to make inappropriate gestures and leer disgustingly at them," an anonymous club patron told the news source.

Representatives from the Shimmy Club could not be reached for comment, but it doesn't seem that the spy glass mirrors will be coming down anytime soon. Instead, clearer signage may make its way into the bathroom to tell women that they're being seen while using the vanities to spruce up.

Is your bathroom private?

Even people who are completely comfortable and confident might find themselves a little shy in their home bathrooms. For this reason, there are a few factors to consider while designing your own bathroom. Better Homes and Gardens magazine claims that you can easily achieve more privacy in your bathroom by installing items such as thick glass around your shower. These days, it's easy to find varieties such as frosted glass to maintain a level of personal comfort without blocking natural light.

In addition to considering how much people can see in your bathroom, you may also want to think about what they can hear through your doors and walls. A ventilation fan can help you create white noise and reduce moisture in your bathroom. If you're not opposed to renovating your room as a whole, you can also use insulating walls and doors to keep noises inside of this space.

While you may not have a problem visiting a bathroom in a place like the Shimmy Club, you might still want to maintain a certain level of comfort and seclusion in your own home. These key tips can help you achieve your interior design goals, and best of all, you'll be happy to show off this frequently used space in your house.



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