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When you're not at home where you can easily use your own bathroom, you might cringe at the idea of using a toilet in a public area. It's no secret that some of these toilets are downright disgusting and covered with germs. However, there may be other sources of bacteria that are worse than any public toilet you'll find at a restaurant or park. Specifically, think about the handles you grab onto when you use public transportation.

Procter and Gamble recently conducted research to find out which public utility vehicle has the most germs, specifically in the Philippines, according to GMA News. The company found that the handle bars of buses are in fact dirtier than toilet lids and trash bin covers, which has people thinking twice about holding on while on the move. The large number of germs has experts claiming that there's a greater likelihood of contracting influenza, typhoid fever and the common cold.

"The contamination levels of these PUVs are affected by different factors such as air pollution, human contact, and frequency of cleaning practices by the operators or owners, among others," Procter and Gamble stated to the news source.

Keeping your toilet clean

If your bathroom and toilet lid are clean, the bus handles can hardly compare to these items. However, not everyone is adamant about keeping their bathrooms bacteria-free, even when it only takes a handful of minutes to do so each day. Even though you and your family might be slacking when it comes to this chore, there are a couple of ways you can turn the situation around.

Martha Stewart Living magazine claims that you can easily give your toilet a good cleaning by pouring 1/4 cup chlorine bleach into the bowl, then allowing it to soak for a few minutes. Scrub away with your brush, then flush! Your toilet will be germ-free and ready for use.

To make the process even simpler, TLC recommends investing in disposable toilet brushes. These days, you can also find brushes that contain cleaners to get in between the seams and ensure that all of those nasty germs go away once you flush. By taking these tips into account, you won't have to worry about catching the flu or other ailments from your own bathroom. Cleaning this area for just a couple of minutes each day can go a long way.



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