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There are few moments in our daily lives that fill us with bewilderment and fear quite like an overflowing toilet, no matter whose commode you find yourself on. Unfortunately for one Pennsylvania man who was experiencing toilet trouble, instead of an embarrassing situation that could be cleaned up with paper towels and a few tears, his overflowing toilet led police officers to the discovery of a large-scale drug dealing ring running out of his apartment. According to CBS News, when Dickson City, Pennsylvania, police and fire department were called to an apartment building in response to flooding, they discovered a bevy of marijuana plants and other paraphernalia that put the sting on a fairly well-established operation.

According to, the toilet flooding was so significant that an entire downstairs apartment was destroyed, which lead to the fire department and law enforcement being called. The neighbor, Sherri Lyman, had just laid down to go to sleep when a small waterfall of toilet water began to seep through her ceiling and into her apartment. In an amazing bout of luck, Lyman's landlord wasn't available when called, so she decided to call the fire department instead.

When police and firefighters began to inspect the plumbing of the upstairs apartment, they realized that they had stumbled into a major drug operation. In addition to several marijuana plants that were growing in the apartment, police also found tell-tale signs of intent to sell, with scales, marijuana seeds and other forms of drug paraphernalia scattered around.

"Thank the Lord the night when the police came. Something was finally done. I am happy about that. At least they responded," Lyman told the news outlet.

As for the upstairs tenant, 19 year old Cody Turner was arrested and faces a series of criminal charges that could result in prison time. His bond is set at $10,000 dollars and he'll be enjoying a stay at the Lackawanna County Prison. As for Sherri Lyman, contractors have already fixed her apartment and she'll be moving back in within the next several weeks. Ultimately, the story showcases just how fine a line that drug dealers have to walk when trying to hide their illegal activities from law enforcement and their fellow residents. It is probably one of the only activities a person can participate in where an overflowing toilet can result in jail time!



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