Friday, May 10, 2013

On tour, Beyonce calls for colored toilet paper and metal drinking straws

Pop icon Beyonce has upped the mobile-living standard on her most recent tour. Her demands may seem over-the-top, but they show that when it comes to her on-the-road home, this superstar knows what she wants.

According to a Daily Mail report, Beyonce has made lists for each segment of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, laying out her particular needs in lists for each venue. 

Decadence in the bathroom

Some people are picky about the softness of their toilet paper, but Beyonce has specs on its color. According to the source, the 31-year-old requests deep red paper for her facilities' toilet paper holders.

Forget about cleaning the toilet seats, instead of whipping out the soap and sponge, Beyonce asks for brand new toilet seats all along her tour. 

Pampering in other departments

In the O2 arena - one of Beyonce's stops - the artist has requested the largest changing rooms the establishment provides. 

Usually, these spaces are reserved for entire sports teams, but pop royalty demands the biggest and the best. Though she only has a few night's stay at this arena, Beyonce has decked out the space with couches and curtains. 

Instead of guzzling water from the tap, the singer needs alkaline water to wet her whistle. The water must be chilled to a perfect 21 degrees. Additionally, all of her crew members wear clothes of 100 percent cotton from head to toe. 

In addition, according to, the singer has asked for titanium drinking straws for her beverages while on the road. These products cost upward of $935, but will nonetheless make the ex-Destiny's Child member feel like a total princess.

Along those lines, the source also notes that the artist keeps carved balls of ice on hand for her to suck on whenever necessary. After a long on-stage performance, who could ask for more? 

Inspiration for your bathroom?

You may not be a world-famous superstar, but that doesn't mean that you can't treat yourself to a few of these amenities. In your bathroom, invest in items that, however specific, ultimately enhance your experience. Find gold-painted mirror frames, hand towels in your favorite zany color, and maybe even look into a luxurious shower panel to make you feel like royalty. After all, the bathroom is a place where you should truly pamper yourself.