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You might not be anxious to pick up a toilet brush and start scrubbing away at your loo, but those who have to do this as their job don't see it as a daunting chore. In fact, BBC News reported that some individuals even sing with toilet brushes in their hands as they work. 

A new documentary follows individuals who take bathrooms seriously - some of them even go to the extent of decorating public toilets during the holiday season. Kathleen Kidd and Diane Bellingham are two of the many people featured, and they enjoy singing and dancing around to music while scrubbing away nasty germs. While it seems unusual, these individuals have no problem with their careers.

"You've got to be happy at your work," Kidd told the news source.

The documentary, which is titled "Ladies and Gents," will debut on a BBC network on June 3. Those who tune in will be able to find out everything from who's cleaner in the bathroom - men or women - as well as what it's like to keep up with public facilities.

Is your home really bacteria-free?

You might be concerned about the amount of bacteria in a public bathroom when you need to relieve yourself, but the fact of the matter is that there may be more problems to contend with at home, according to The Huffington Post. Some of the dirtiest places that you'll come into contact with are right in your humble abode, and they might not even be in the bathroom. For instance, your computer keyboards and cell phones might be completely covered in bacteria, and you may not think twice about cleaning them on a regular basis. In addition, your carpeting and kitchen sink might also be harboring germs that rival anything found in your bathroom.

In addition to cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis, it's worth thinking about the other items you use frequently in your house. Whether it's a telephone or a remote control, these belongings can be easily wiped down with a disinfectant wipe and made cleaner in a matter of seconds. To keep up with other dirt, dust and bacteria that might be piling up in your household, Apartment Therapy recommends taking up habits such as washing dishes as soon as possible and sweeping daily. In the end, you'll feel more comfortable in your humble abode.



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