Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cafe bathroom in Vienna has see-through doors

When it comes to bathroom design, privacy is an unwritten standard. Public lavatory users don't want to be the subjects of strangers' glances, so the transparent doors of a facility in Vienna may make them wonder if they should look for a toilet elsewhere.

See-through doors become opaque through bathroom technology

MSN Now reports that Cafe Diglas in Vienna, Austria, is home to a lavatory that tricks its users into feeling exposed. According to the source, when patrons step into the restroom of the quaint establishment, they are confronted with see-through stalls. Instead of the typical doors, the stalls are made of glass. 

Upon seeing these, many individuals may become confused, wondering if they should go to the bathroom quickly or just hold it  until they get home. The risk-taking types - or those who really have to go - will find that once they enter the stalls and lock the doors, privacy magically sets in around them. 

With the simple turn of a lock, the stall's walls suddenly become opaque, hiding the user from view. Additionally, a "No Entry" emblem pops up on the door for extra security. As soon as these features activate, lavatory denizens can use the facilities with peace of mind. 

Nonetheless, the source questions whether patrons should trust this technology. It may be impressive, but prone to glitches. If you don't have full faith in the tech gods, you may consider using a more traditional toilet. 

According to the Huffington Post UK, aside from its tricky bathrooms, Cafe Diglas is a refined coffee house built in traditional Viennese style. Its tech-savvy toilet stalls show that even seemingly normal establishments can surprise you. 

Unique bathroom privacy for your own home

Feel inspired by these Viennese stalls? Even without the impressive technology, you can implement equally distinct privacy techniques in your lavatory. Houzz showcases several restrooms with eye-catching bathroom partitions. One of these facilities has a wall of bamboo sticks blocking the toilet from view.

Another example, like the Vienna bathroom, has a glass partition separating the toilet from the rest of the facility. It may not become opaque when an individual uses the toilet, but its clouded glass surface nonetheless offers him or her privacy. By choosing an interesting partition like this, you'll make your bathroom more private and simultaneously give it style.