Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bathroom design for the diva

Does your inner princess want a top-notch bathroom? Revamp your facilities to make the space look and feel good enough for royalty. 

Give your bathroom style

If you're a true diva, you'll want to go bold in this space. Pull out all the stops with your bathroom design, from the paint on the walls to the tile on the floors.

Houzz showcases a bathroom fit for a movie star. Half of the room's walls are electric pink while the other half is lined from floor to ceiling with small black tiles. Crystal chandelier-style lighting fixtures illuminate the space. All the surfaces are sleek and eye-catching.

Similarly, avoid subtlety when designing your bathroom. Instead of soft colors and paler shades, incorporate wild reds, purples and black. You can even give your space some bling with crystal fixtures, from the lights, to the mirror to the sink. 

Install items that will pamper you

A fantastic bathroom vanity is a necessity for every diva. Change out your sink and countertop for a beautiful modern bathroom vanity. Make sure that the piece has ample drawer space for you to stash your extensive make-up collection. You'll likely want the piece to be equipped with a large mirror for when you're getting dolled up in the morning (or at night). 

Additionally, invest in a shower that meets the royal standard. Steam showers may be your best bet in this department. These pieces are lined with jets that massage you while you shampoo. With rainfall-style shower heads and chromatherapy colored lights, these fixtures enhance the shower experience.

Install heated bars on the walls of the bathroom so you can wrap yourself in a toasty towel as soon as you're finished unwinding in the shower. Nail a few hooks on the wall, too, so you can dive into your comfiest robe afterward.

Don't overlook the little things

Make even the smallest details extravagant., an online celebrity and entertainment source, recently reported that pop icon Beyonce will only use red toilet paper, and that she asks for a full supply of it in her dressing room.  

Let yourself be similarly picky. Choose hand towels that are your favorite color. Even if a plush rug in the space seems unnecessary, if it makes your toes happy, go for it. Don't worry about what other people think about this bathroom: You're the star, so make it all yours.