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Thoughts on making an apartment bathroom splendid
Posted on Monday, April 1, 2013

Some people sharing a living space may think their options for clever or enticing bathroom decor are pretty limited. Not only may they be hesitant to take steps like purchasing an elaborate bathroom vanity out of either financial constraints or worries that it might not fit their roommates' tastes, but they're also coping with spacial limitations. 

But there are simple tweaks anyone can put on bathroom decor that should be subtle enough to suit any aesthetic preferences, and ways to add the illusion of space to a bathroom. Even if it's a physically small space, it doesn't have to feel that way. Let's start by looking into ways to make a bathroom feel more spacious. 

Organizational tips 

While writers for Martha Stewart's website and other decor experts have published compilations of accessories you can pick up that might make it easier to keep a bathroom organized, there are plenty of ways to improve storage without spending any money. For instance, setting aside space for each individual household resident's toiletries in the vanity is a good way to make sure things don't get cluttered and mixed up. Making sure to throw out empty shampoo bottles, toothpaste tubes and other old containers helps, too.

Decor ideas

Better Homes and Gardens points out that when it comes to things like bathroom tiles, renters may be unable to make changes if their landlord doesn't approve. But if they're stuck with tiles that have unpleasant colors, there are ways around the problem. The source explains that adding some continuity to the color scheme of the shower curtain, towels and other accessories could make renters feel like they're the masters of their own bathroom decor, even if they technically don't own their own home.

Think provisionally

Another hurtle renters might be worried about for their bathroom decor is that they don't want to spend too much time and money improving the ambiance of an apartment they're not planning on living in for more than a year. But BHG also notes that - the same way they can salvage an unfortunate tile or wall color - many accessories and garnishes can be quickly added and removed from a bathroom. For instance, putting a skirt around the vanity might make it look prettier, and the renter can add his or her personal sense of flair to a bathroom without having to install anything, or bother the landlord. 



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