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Tech devices for a clean, spa-like bathroom
Posted on Wednesday, April 17, 2013

If you're redesigning your facilities, a few pieces of technology can enhance a bathroom's feel. Certain changes, from the toilet to the shower, may help give the space both luxury and cleanliness.

Fixtures that keep you clean and pampered

A USA Today article notes how state-of-the-art devices promote cleanliness in bathrooms. Touchless faucets, steam showers and multi-feature bidets are in. As more people see bathrooms as their own private getaways, they invest in technology that elevates everything hygienically and practically, from using the toilet to taking a shower.

"We're seeing so much more technology enter the space. People want the ability to customize their experience and to be more involved with the products in the bathroom," Travis Rotelli, interior designer, told the source.

For example, Japanese washlets have become increasingly popular. These devices, similar to bidets, have a touch-pad control so that users can adjust the temperature of the seat and the warm-water cleansing wand.  The washlets also include air purifiers and massage settings.

"They're not talking about toys. We're addressing people's legitimate need to get clean, to improve their experience in the bathroom," David Krakoff, president of sales at TOTO USA, told the source. 

Steam showers also help bathroom-users get clean while being pampered. The units, available in number of different styles, will give you a delightful reprieve from the real-world with their technological features. 

Often decked out with auxiliary hook ups, telephone receivers and mood lighting, these are not your typical showers. Users can play their favorite albums while shampooing their hair. If one wants to squeeze a phone call into his or her morning routine, he or she can dial in while showering. The units even have massage settings for a deluxe shower experience. 

Other gizmos you may consider

The International Center for Bathroom Etiquette posted a few other tech-ideas to enhance a restroom. If children also use the bathroom, you might not want to overlook technologies that could enhance their restroom experiences. The blog suggests an iPotty for iPad, which is a plastic toilet trainer that has an iPad stand to keep young ones entertained while using the facilities.

Additionally, for the real mysophobe out there, the blog showcases the WristPull, a device that allows users to actually open a bathroom door with his or her wrist, keeping hands completely clean after they've been washed. 

These gadgets may be just the right additions to your bathroom. Larger investments such as a washlet or steam shower may be enough to make your restroom clean and spa-like. 

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