Monday, April 29, 2013

Perfecting the teenage girl's bathroom

There's more to renovating a teenage girl's lavatory than throwing pink paint on the walls and a frilly curtain across the shower. By staying tasteful but still showing some flair, any young lady will love her revamped facilities.

Avoiding excess

The days of copious unicorns and princess crowns usually fade away when a girl hits her teens. That being said, you don't want to make the space totally devoid of feminine panache.

FreshNist, an interior design site, shows you how to make a girl's bathroom that's fun, but not too off-the-wall. The source suggests keeping the surfaces of the lavatory neutral. Instead of painted tiles, consider natural, brown stone. 

When choosing a bathroom vanity, take a look at pieces with wooden shelving and granite sink basins. Resist your urge to get too elaborate with these fixtures: By keeping them basic, without extensive engraving or decadent patterning, you'll tone down the rest of the girl's bathroom. 

You can complement these neutral pieces with vibrant accents in the room. You may choose to paint the bathroom's walls pink, purple or orange. Investing in a brightly patterned shower curtain will spice things up. You may even be able to find a colored toilet lid or pendant lights to give the space distinction.

The source also shows how a teenage girl's bathroom can be modern. By installing sleek fixtures, from the toilet to the bathtub, the bathroom will have an edgy flair, perfect for girls who like to keep up with the hottest trends. 

Going for a less "girly" color scheme

Believe it or not, pink isn't every girl's favorite color. Though it works well to brighten a space, it isn't totally necessary in a girl's bathroom. 

Houzz showcases a teenage girl's bathroom that doesn't use pink at all. Instead, its design is based on a beach theme. The wood paneled walls are painted over white, giving the space the rustic look of a seaside shack. The tiled floor is the color of sand. The shower in the corner is basic, with a simple glass shower panel. The lavatory design may be simple, but any beach-loving gal will adore it. 

The main point to consider when renovating a bathroom for a teenage girl is whether it meets her tastes. If she absolutely loves pink or she's obsessed with blue, make the bathroom design show it.