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Whether you are the sole user of your lavatory or you share it with a few others, the space can get seriously messy. If your bathroom's looking explosive, you can clean it up by using both classic and non-traditional organizational techniques. 

Invest in an extensive bathroom vanity

Even if you're the only one using a bathroom, counter space can get cluttered quickly. By finding a bathroom vanity with plenty of drawer and shelf space, you can stow your perfume bottles and toothpaste tubes. This will clear the counter and make it easier for you to locate your items. For further organization, Martha Stewart Living suggests inserting dividers into drawers to separate your make-up from your hair supplies.

These vanities are available in a number of styles, ranging from modern to antique. If you share the space, consider a double sink vanity so you and your bathroom-mate can spread out while getting ready in the morning. Make sure the mirror over this vanity opens up to a medicine cabinet, providing even more space for you to stow your toiletries. 

Think of other ways to stash bathroom essentials

Once you have your vanity in place, try out some less-traditional storage techniques. Find a funky linen cabinet with both shelving and drawer space. 

Shelterness, a home design website, suggests putting a rustic, wooden ladder in the corner of the bathroom, next to the linen cabinet. The piece offers a place to hang your towels while adding distinction to the room.

The source also shows how you can use woven baskets throughout the bathroom to store everything from hand towels to bubble bath. For ultimate organization, you can neatly label each basket with decorative tags. 

Additionally, insert extensive shelving around the bathroom. If you really want to invest in your organization, you might install these shelves in the wall. Otherwise, you can line the bathroom's surfaces with one or two shelving panels. Neatly stack your towels, air fresheners and bars of soap on these pieces, putting similar items together to make navigating through your bathroom easier. Put soaps and shampoos on shelves close to the tub while stacking toilet paper rolls close to the toilet. 

Other less traditional ideas include nailing square cubbyholes on the bathroom walls or putting a shelved push-cart in the facility. Whatever implements you decided on will clean up the look of your bathroom and make it easier for you to use. 

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