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Make your bathroom a thinking place
Posted on Friday, April 26, 2013

Do you ever get lost in thought when you're in the bathroom? For some people, the bathroom is a place to have a momentary escape from reality and possibly spend a few extra minutes in deep contemplation. By designing comfortable facilities, you can enjoy this time in the bathroom more than ever.

Install comfortable seating

When picking pieces for the bathroom, you may consider a few seating arrangements conducive to long lapses of quiet thought. A seat that every bathroom has is that of the toilet. Luckily, there are a variety of highly comfortable options in this department.

One of these is a deluxe bidet or washlet. Perhaps choose a COCO Bidet as your main utility. This elaborate device fits on top of any toilet and offers fantastic amenities, from a heated seat to a deodorizer. 

If you're looking for something with distinction, you may consider a toilet showcased by the Huffington Post. This piece, called the City Life Smart Bench Toilet, is actually a walnut bench with a toilet installed directly into it. This idea offers extra space for toilet users, as well as comfort. The sloping wooden back of the fixture is perfect for reclining. 

Another typical sitting place in a bathroom is the tub. Why not exchange your old fashioned bath for something that offers comfort? By investing in a whirlpool bath with a built-in massage system and multiple jets along its sides, you may find yourself sitting happily for hours. 

Make the space roomy

Another way to instill comfort in the bathroom is by opening it up a bit. Home Design Lover, an interior design and architecture site, explains the effect of having adequate space in a bathroom. The source notes that if a facility is too crowded, it becomes uncomfortable. Especially if you look to the bathroom as a place to run away with your thoughts, you'll likely want to open things up a bit.

You can accomplish this by keeping the bathroom streamlined. Try to use your vanity as your main storage place, keeping everything from perfume bottles to your aspirin supply in the shelves above or below it. 

Also, allowing plenty of light in the room may help open up the area. By maximizing your space and installing comfortable seating, your bathroom may become the ideal place for you to sink into contemplation. 

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