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Make a bathroom into a man cave
Posted on Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is your man's bathroom a little lacking? If you're out of birthday gift ideas, you might considering revamping his facilities this year. With the right decor and a few installations, you might make this lavatory his favorite room in the house.

Implement a masculine color palette

If you're repainting the walls, you could stick to white, or else make things interesting. Made Man, a website geared to masculine interests, suggests gray or brown for a man's bathroom. The source notes that whichever color you go with will establish the theme of the entire bathroom, so choose wisely, keeping your beau's preferences in mind.

Use this color scheme on the floor as well. If your walls are brown or red, why not install polished brick in the floor? Not only will these have a distinct look, they'll also feel soft on bare feet.

Made Man also suggests hanging art on the walls of the bathroom. Throw up a few vintage posters of your man's favorite band or movie. The source reminds you to match the frames of these pieces with the rest of the room's color scheme.

Keep it simple

Generally, don't feel like you need to get elaborate when designing a man's bathroom. Houzz showcases a room with a single framed picture over the toilet, a rustic wooden vanity, and a simple mirror hanging over it. The lavatory doesn't even have a toilet paper dispenser - the roll sits right on top of the fixture.

Install a nice amenity 

Even if you're keeping things fairly basic, you might want to treat your man with a decadent fixture. 

Upgrade his basic stall and shower head to something with an extravagant touch. A steam shower will provide a miniature oasis right in the bathroom. 

These showers come in a range of styles with multiple varying features. Rather than white, choose a piece with glass panels and teak flooring, to go with the rest of the bathroom. 

With recessed lights in the shower's roof and a number of adjustable jets, this isn't your normal shower. It even has a sound system to enhance the showering experience. 

With these implements in place, you can add a few finishing touches, like a replenished magazine spread and a new pair of bath slippers next to the shower. The next time your hubby walks into the bathroom, he'll find the perfect gift waiting for him through your bathroom design. 

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