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Instilling calm with Asian design
Posted on Friday, April 12, 2013

If you consider your bathroom a sanctuary of sorts, you may want its design to instill calm. The clean-cut layout of an Asian-inspired bathroom, with its open space and natural accents, may help you find your inner zen.

A couple makes their bathroom Asian-inspired 

Jeri Alles and David Hanley recently transformed their master bath with this Asian style, according to the Daily Herald. The rest of the Illinois couple's home looks all-American, yet the bathroom transports anyone walking into it across the world. 

One large component to the room is the substantial light that flows in to make the space seem brighter and roomier. Melissa Wilson, one of the Hanleys' designers, put a skylight in the ceiling to accomplish this. 

The layout and shape of the bathroom also contributes to its aesthetic appeal.

"The view into the bathroom from the master bedroom was very important. By angling the vanity wall, the multiple cabinet depths and curve of the countertop could be better appreciated and draw you into the space," Wilson told the source.

Limestone tiles in the shower balance the cherry wood of the bathroom's cabinets. The floor boasts porcelain tile in a rice paper design. The design of the faucets and towel holders is reminiscent of bamboo. From the layout to the appliances, the bathroom takes on an Eastern essence and provides a feeling of serenity. 

Create your own Asian-themed lavatory

You don't necessarily have to hire designers to create this sort of peaceful facility. Better Homes and Gardens shows how, through a few easy tweaks, you can instill a tranquil style in your bathroom.

Ultimately, giving your bathroom a clean, basic look is effective. Instead of getting elaborate, go simple. Keep the odds and ends in the bathroom minimal and tasteful. 

Nature-based decor contributes to successful Asian design. You'd be amazed how many bamboo products are out there, from wall screens to shower mats. A tall plant or bonsai is ample decoration, and won't muddle the space. 

Make sure the bathroom gets plenty of light as well. If you're able to, enlarge your windows. Otherwise, find long and narrow panel lighting to illuminate the area.

Instead of a traditional bathroom vanity, give your room a contemporary look with a glass or copper vessel sink. If want to make a big investment, consider a washlet. These bidet-like toilets are huge in Japan, and will bring a certain luxury to your bathroom.

Overall, though, the main way to feel collected in your bathroom is to keep your space bright, open and clean. 


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