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If you're a fan, let your bathroom show it
Posted on Friday, April 5, 2013

Real fanatics, whether of sporting teams or rock bands, often like to showcase their obsessions. Many times, people dedicate a room in their house to whatever icon they may idolize. Instead of choosing a basement or a study to do this, why not use the bathroom?

The bathroom is a place everyone uses daily. Utilize this frequently-visited space to highlight whatever it is you truly love.

Start with the floors and walls

Make it obvious to anyone entering the facilities that you're a fan. Tile is a great medium for those who want to create a permanent design on any surface. If you're dedicating the room to a sports team, consider using its colors. Lay these down in a traditional pattern, or consider a bolder design.

The Washington Post recently showed how a couple in Rockville, MD transformed their bathroom in honor of the Washington Nationals. The couple used tiling to really get their obsession across: The tiled shower walls depict the Nationals logo on one side, and a map of the stadium on the other. A Nationals shower curtain falls across the fixture. Additionally, they made the bathroom floor look an actual playing field, with green tiles as the grass and tan ones as the batters' boxes.

Artwork is an easy way to get your walls in the spirit of things. If you don't want to invest in a tile project, make a spread of framed pictures on the walls. Whether shots of Jimi Hendrix or stills from your favorite gangster movie, pictures efficiently grace the space, adding aesthetic quality. Other paraphernalia makes the bathroom even more distinct. The Nationals fans nailed baseball bats to the walls. With this sort of decor, your bathroom will make a fun, bold statement.

Accessorize the bathroom

Next, fill up the space with items to go with your theme. Use your bathroom vanity as a space to line up knick knacks devoted to your idol. You'd be surprised at what you might find at a local thrift shop when it comes to these items: Pick up logo-embossed containers to hold hand towels. Make a magazine spread accordingly: athletic magazines for sports fans, music literature for rock 'n' roll enthusiasts. 

Putting these small additions into your space will make it distinct. Along with tile and paint, your bathroom will be a true demonstration of your love as a fan. 

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