Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to make a rustic bathroom

If you like your home to have a worn-in feel, the bathroom is a space that can be delightfully rustic. From the floor to the ceiling, you can easily make the room vintage. 

Soften the surfaces

Though classic, a bathroom floor does not need to be lined with painted tiles or linoleum. Instead, you might choose natural stonework for this surface. Interiorholic, a design website, shows you how a brick floor can give the space a warm, antique look. 

The source also emphasizes wood for this bathroom style. A wooden ceiling complete with large, exposed beams makes the room instantly rustic. Rather than painted or tiled walls, you can panel these surfaces with soft oak or beech planks. Varnish these if you want or just leave them in their bare, natural state. 

Choose antique fixtures

There are some real gizmos and gadgets out there for the modern bathroom. But if you love the worn in look, pick pieces that are old fashioned but nonetheless stylish. 

First, add an antique bathroom vanity. To go along with the other surfaces in the lavatory, choose an unpainted wooden piece. Instead of a stark white countertop and sink, see if you can find a natural stone surface such as granite. This darker color will soften the bathroom's overall look. 

Next, get just the right bathtub. There may be some fancy fixtures on the market, but going with an old-time design will contribute more to the rustic feel of the bathroom. Choose a vintage-style claw foot tub for the space. These baths are classic, unique and available in a number of distinct styles. 

In terms of storage space, throw some shelving on the walls. You can stack everything from patterned hand towels to secondhand books on these pieces. You also may want to invest in a wooden medicine cabinet for all of your toiletries. 

Zillow shows you how incorporating the outdoors is effective in rustic bathroom design. Maximize your window space to allow plenty of sunshine to naturally illuminate the area. You might even make one of the bathroom walls mostly glass so that the scenery outside becomes a part of the room. 

Ultimately, stick to the basics with this bathroom design. Avoid harsh lighting and stark colors. Go with neutral tones and natural mediums, and your bathroom will be perfectly rustic.