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How to construct a bathroom from the future
Posted on Monday, April 15, 2013

Are you obsessed with modern interior design? If your bathroom's bordering on old school and you want to transform it to look like something from the future, you might take inspiration from new Belgian architecture. 

Belgian architects reveal ultra-modern design

Dethier Architectures, in Liege, Belgium, has created a space-age style home out of an old bakery, according to Curbed. 

A huge, chrome pod stands in the middle of this building's interior. The structure contains two bathrooms, a closet and a heating system for the house.

The inside of the pod contrasts with its silver exterior color and the white paint of the living space. The pod has two bathrooms, each showcasing sleek, modern decor. One is painted bright green, and the other is a vibrant orange. 

The white fixtures in the bathrooms have respective orange and green accents, from the towels on the wall hooks to the loofahs in the showers. 

Adopting a modern look for your bathroom

Maybe you want to take on a new-age look, but aren't quite ready to invest in one of these super futuristic pods. With certain design choices, you'll nonetheless be able to update your bathroom to a modern standard. 

Home Designing shows you how to do this with minimalist style. Make the space seem open by allowing plenty of light into it. If possible, enlarge the windows of the bathroom space to let sunshine flow in to illuminate it. 

Another way to open up the space is with mirrors. By making the surfaces of the room reflective, you can visually double the area's size. 

As the Belgian pods demonstrate, a trendy color scheme is that of a mainly white space contrasted with a single, vibrant color.

You can easily achieve this by painting the entire room white, from the floor to the walls to the ceiling. Then, choose a flashy red or a bright yellow with which to match all your fixtures. Make the pieces of furniture, from the bathroom vanity to the linen cabinet, have this color. 

Adding a few funky fixtures may also add to its modern look. Home Designing suggests hanging a steel chandelier from the ceiling or putting big, wildly-curved hooks on the walls. You also may find a new-age sculpture or a minimalist painting to grace the room. 

A bright and open space with this modern-style decor will make your bathroom suddenly avant-garde.

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