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Go vintage with your bathroom
Posted on Thursday, April 4, 2013

As thrift shopping and relics from the '70s make a comeback, it looks like vintage has become chic. If you're inspired by the style of the good old days, you might consider implementing it through interior design. Your bathroom may be the perfect place to go retro, from the walls to the bathtub.

Make the space old-fashioned

When remodeling, it's good to start with the floor. Find unique floor tile: Perhaps go for the classic white, especially if you plan on putting color elsewhere in the room. Better Homes and Gardens features a vintage-style bathroom floor with small blue squares interspersed between larger white tiles. 

Tile doesn't have to stop there, however. BHG shows how you can implement it on the walls, as well. Here, invest in color. Putting tiles halfway up the wall, leaving plenty of space above them, creates a classic appearance. 

Once the floors and walls have the antique look to them, you're ready to fill the room with old-time fixtures.

Find throw-back utilities

Bathtubs with feet may seem like ancient history, but they could be the central design piece in the room. You can easily attach a shower head and curtain to these fixtures, too. shows that any tub that is separate from the wall is perfect for a vintage bathroom.

Similarly, choose a sink that isn't fixed to a countertop. BHG showcases a fixture away from the wall, standing like a pedestal. With a hot water knob on one side, cold on the other, these sinks add a refined edge to your facilities. 

The toilet itself can look like it's from years back. If you don't want to purchase too old of a piece, touch up a modern item. BHG shows how simply painting the lid a solid color to contrast to the rest of the toilet can give it vintage edge. 

After you have these bigger items in place, accessories for the bathroom are in order.

Choose the right odds and ends

Here, you can use your imagination. Scatter small items around your bathroom that you may find at a second-hand store, but that aren't altogether tacky. 

Line your antique bathroom vanity with old perfume bottles and mason jars of flowers. Add a woven basket of hand towels next to the sink. An engraved soap dish or a lace shower curtain will further instill the feeling of yesteryear.

These small additions, coupled with vintage-style design changes will make your bathroom look old-fashioned, but nonetheless stylish. 

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