Monday, April 29, 2013

Giving your bathroom hotel-status

Who doesn't love staying at a hotel and indulging in its lavish facilities? If you want to make your own bathroom a treat, you can do so by taking inspiration from four and five-star lavatories.

In an American Express Travel and Leisure article, writer and traveler Adam Sachs explained that hotel bathrooms are designed to provide comfort and cleanliness with relaxing amenities and distinct style.

Finding luxurious fixtures

In the source, Sachs explained his excitement upon entering the Four Seasons in Tokyo and seeing a sign on the door reading "Don't be afraid of our toilet."

The toilet ended up having an array of buttons that Sachs hardly comprehended. For similar extravagance, you too can install a multi-featured fixture. Choose a TOTO washlet, of Japanese design, and have your own slightly over-the-top utility. The toilets offer comfort and cleanliness with their hygienic wands and heated seats.

After he played with the toilet, Sachs took a bath in a fantastically large tub. Perhaps you too would like to switch out your smaller bath for something more hotel-worthy. If you really want to go big, why not try a walk-in bathtub? Lined with jets and available in a number of colors and shapes, these fixtures make a hotel bathing experience an everyday thing. 

While soaking, Sachs turned music on the hotel speakers and grabbed himself a drink from the mini-bar. You might also enhance your facilities with these sorts of indulgences. Why not convert a medicine cabinet into a small liquor pantry? Additionally, you can easily install a sound system in the room, potentially even in the shower. 

Making your space distinct

Beside their extravagant amenities, some of the best hotels make their bathrooms interesting through their decor choices. An MSN article recently showcased a few of the world's more "extreme" lavatories. One of these is in the New Majestic Hotel in Singapore, where each guest bathroom has a completely original wall graphic by the same artists who designed the rest of the rooms' decor. 

In this vein, you can also add unique flair to your bathroom. Find a set of framed pictures to line the space. If you want to make a real investment, you might even hire an artist to paint a mural on the wall. Like in the New Majestic, this one-of-a-kind decor will give the space style.