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Get creative with unique toilet lids
Posted on Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When looking to make a bathroom truly distinct, one can do more than paint the walls or add new tile. Consider the toilet itself as a canvas to apply a bit of flair. From there, you may be inspired to spice up the rest of the bathroom.

A lid featuring the Dude

A recent NextMovie blog post showed how people can get creative with their utilities. DeviantArt, a website where artists share and sell their work, features a toilet seat cover honoring "The Big Lebowski."

For avid fans of the 1998 film, this decorative piece is essential.

The lid, created by DeviantArt user "Cakeonmyface​," has a black background with the Dude himself as its central emblem. With a halo around his head and a milk carton in hand, the cult classic character played by Jeff Bridges graces the fixture. 

For those who see the bathroom as a sanctuary of sorts, the Dude may even do just the trick to instill a kind of calm.

The item is about as classic as Lebowski himself. One could ask for little more than this ultimate conversation piece to put a bathroom in a unique tier all on its own. 

Do it yourself

Use "The Big Lebowski" item as inspiration and create your own piece to grace a bathroom. Better yet, make one for a friend. These lids are the perfect gifts, especially if you're the crafty type. 

Whether you decide to dedicate the piece to a movie, or simply apply an eye-catching design with your paint skills, the lid will be a one-of-a-kind installment to its recipient's bathroom. 

Give your entire bathroom a theme

There's no reason to stop with the toilet lid. Consider colorful toilet paper holders to add even more character to the space.

Insert funky lighting in your bathroom. Soft pink light adds a nice touch, but to go along with the Lebowski theme, consider brighter hues. Bulbs come in every color of the rainbow, from red to blue to orange.

A nice shag rug adds a groovy touch as well. Choose a vibrant one that will match the rest of your bathroom: maybe a kelly green or yellow.

Really hip out your bathroom to go along with the Dude. Find a psychedelic shower curtain. Fill the linen cabinets with towels that have off-the-wall prints on them. And don't forget to keep plenty of robes, similar to what the Dude would sport, on your wall hooks.

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