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Designing a bathroom for the world traveler
Posted on Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do you love traveling and want your home to show it? International design themes call for distinctive decor in any room, and the bathroom is no exception.

Choosing distinctive fixtures

To give your bathroom a world-travel flavor, begin by considering alternative fixtures like sinks, toilets and tubs that may be atypical in American facilities. 

Dvice, a website devoted to technology, art and design, recently showcased a sink created by Ukrainian designer Julia Kononenko​ that featured a 3D map of city streets. The base of the sink is a horizontal plank attached to the bathroom wall. Koronenko designed a network of streets in relief by chiseling into the surface. A sleek silver faucet attaches to the wall separately.

According to the source, water flows through the "streets" and down a drain in the back of the fixture. Kononenko customizes these sinks to match any city street plan buyers want, whether New York City or Tokyo. 

If you want something practical but still unique, consider a modern bathroom vanity with a brightly colored vessel sink. By choosing an orange and white checkered pattern reminiscent of Venetian glass, your sink will have a European edge and be a piece of eye candy in the room.

To further instill the cosmopolitan feeling in your bathroom, consider investing in a bidet or a washlet. These deluxe toilets, often staples in European and Asian cultures, will give the space foreign flair. Japanese washlets, specifically, have a number of features that will make you feel pampered. Turn on the massage and heat settings of these devices and leave behind the standard bathroom experience.

Other ways to accent the space

With your fixtures in place, you can accessorize to enhance the world travel theme. You may consider wallpaper to line the surfaces of the bathroom. Possible designs include detailed world maps or scenes from Roman frescoes. 

Apartment Therapy noted that you can use your bathroom as a place to keep souvenirs from previous travels. Line the shelves on your walls with collectibles from across the country and around the world for you and your guests to admire when visiting the facilities. 

Consider an oriental rug to line part of the floor. Replenish your bathroom reading material with National Geographic magazines and travel guides. Throw some Asian-style robes on the wall's hooks, and you'll be well on your way to having a completely travel-themed restroom. 

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