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Compacting a living space, bathroom included
Posted on Friday, April 26, 2013

Whether you're a minimalist, an environmentalist or you just like small spaces, you may consider compacting your living quarters, including everything from the bed to the toilet. Perhaps you're renovating your tiny summer cabin, or you're looking to purchase a tiny house - in either case, you will want to learn how to maximize the little space available to you. 

Compact living space: a jail denizen's dream

The Verge, a technology, art and culture website, recently reported that Italian high-security inmates invented a dream prison cell, called the "Freedom Room." Though an exclusively conceptual design, the blueprint provides some good ideas for interior design - The prisoners hope that the blueprint is a basis for others looking to cut back on money and implement minimal-space housing. 

The Freedom Room spans 116 square feet, and holds two beds, a dresser, closet, desk and wall shelves. Additionally, in the same room, is a toilet and a small bathroom area with a shower. Last but not least, the prisoners drew in a large window to increase the flow of sunlight getting in the room. 

This idea shows how you can combine a bathroom with a bedroom to conserve space. If you want to meld these rooms similarly, but you also want to maintain a certain privacy, you can install the toilet and shower in one corner of the room and barricade the area with curtains or paneling. 

Tiny homes maximize space

A Huffington Post blog described how a couple in Spokane, Washington, recently moved into a 374-square foot "tiny home" from a house that was more than 1,500 square feet. 

The small home has the essentials: a lofted bedroom and a kitchen, as well as a toilet and a bathtub. The couple didn't let the small space cramp their style though. The interior of the house is painted a bright orange. The furniture is sparse, but colorful and decorative, and the home has a lot of natural light flowing into it through the windows and the glass-paned front door.

If you too are looking to make the most out of a tiny living area, you might follow this couple's lead and stick with the bare necessities. Once you've purchased a toilet, a bed, a few kitchen appliances and maybe even a vessel sink, you'll have what you need to live small. 

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