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A large shower means luxury
Posted on Friday, April 19, 2013

For many, the five or 10 minutes in the shower every day is a reprieve from the stresses of the daily grind. Make the most of this miniature getaway by investing in a deluxe shower fixture. Luxury features will make your shower more relaxing and your bathroom more elegant.

Bigger is better

Make the shower the focal point of your bathroom. According to the Chicago Tribune, installing a big, two-person shower is a hot interior design trend. These fixtures are not only aesthetically impressive, they also are convenient. If you share a bathroom with your significant other, you may not have to fight over who gets the first shower ever again.

"Homeowners are working more and have busier lifestyles now more than ever, and are realizing the value of having a soothing and luxurious bathroom to start and end their day. People are tired of cramped his and her bathrooms, where they're tripping over each other and staggering wake-up and shower times," Leslie Molloy, bathroom designer, told the Tribune.

When choosing one of these fixtures, you'll have many options in terms of medium and color. You may pick one with a glass shower panel, juxtaposed to neutral-hued stone tiling on the shower's base. If you want something a little out of the ordinary, you might even find one with black walls and a brown floor reminiscent of wood panels. 

Find luxurious amenities

Once you've picked your shower fixture, make it an oasis by implementing certain features. The Taos News recently explained the importance of choosing the right shower head. For the ultimate relaxation experience, you might try a rain shower fixture. These pieces give you complete water coverage. Many are available with colored LED lights that create an intimate feel.

If you want an even more extravagant experience, you might try a steam shower. These fixtures are almost spa-like with their multiple features. Many have ceiling rain showers in addition to body sprays, shower jets, massage features and mood lighting. Additionally, these showers often come equipped with CD and auxiliary connections. You'll likely be able to find one with built-in benches so you can take a seat and relish in the shower's amenities.

Once you have your deluxe shower in place, with added features geared toward luxury, you'll have a sanctuary right in your bathroom. 

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