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A bathroom can be an artist's haven
Posted on Thursday, April 18, 2013

How many times have you been inspired while brushing your teeth or shampooing your hair? Many people get their best ideas while performing such daily routines. Whether you're a writer or a painter, inspiration can strike at any moment. Every room in your house can be decorated to encourage the creative process, even the bathroom. 

Make your bathroom a drawing board

You can create a blank canvas in your bathroom by painting the walls and other surfaces white or another light hue.

The next time you're hit with an artistic impulse in the bathroom, you'll only have to grab a paintbrush or a marker and jot it down on one of the bathroom's surfaces. 

A New Times Miami blog explains that having available space to scrawl out ideas can add immediate interest to a room. Owners of the Florida restaurant Wood Tavern asked their patrons to participate in an event called "1,000 Sharpies" in which they could scrawl anything on the establishment's walls.

Filling the surface space of an area with sketches and notes makes the room itself a piece of art. Additionally, you can add accents to establish this creative atmosphere.

Accents to stimulate further inspiration

Adding the right decor to a room might contribute to its creative vibe. House Beautiful magazine offers a few suggestions in this department. One of these is making the floor pebbled. This will give your bathroom a distinct and natural foundation.

The source also underlines the importance of the right sink area. A vintage or antique bathroom vanity offers a worn-in, aesthetically pleasing look that also has a unique quality.

Getting enough light into the room is significant in that it makes the space seem more open. If possible, increase the number of windows in the room. Additionally, consider putting in a skylight to really get natural brightness in the area. House Beautiful notes that you may also invest in under-cabinet lighting to offer further illumination.

An interesting rug in the bathroom may add to the space. Perhaps choose a bright green carpet reminiscent of long blades of grass. An oriental rug may also give the room a touch of panache. On the shelves of your bathroom, leave yourself reading material in your artistic field: paperback fiction for the writer, clothing magazines for the fashion designer.

By following these tips and making your lavatory a canvas for your creative ranting, you may make a miniature studio out of an otherwise typical bathroom.

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