Tuesday, April 30, 2013

3 ways to transform your bathroom into a spa

Do you want to maximize the relaxation your bathroom provides? With the right design tweaks, you can make a miniature spa right in your home.

First, install a fantastic tub

When it comes to unwinding, nothing beats a warm bath. If you've been using the same, traditional fixture since you bought your house, exchange it for a bath that's spa-worthy.

Luckily, there's a large selection of decadent tubs out there. If you're looking for the ultimate calming experience, invest in a bath that massages while you soak. A fixture like the Produits Neptune Zen has several massage jet options, including calming and energizing settings, for the whole spectrum of bath-users. 

Powerful lights are installed in the walls of the bath itself to instill ambiance. You can flip through a selection of bright colors and illuminate your space with whatever hue fits your mood. 

Second, make the lavatory comfortable

The rest of your bathroom should exhibit the same comforts as your deluxe bathtub. 

Calfinder, a home improvement website, explains how to make a spa-like bathroom out an extra room of your house. Having a spacious area increases the openness and comfort of the lavatory. Additionally, it leaves plenty of space for you to fill the room with amenities. 

Line the floor of the bathroom with a plush rug that's soft to the touch. Bring pieces of furniture, like a cushioned chair and a comfy couch, for you to sink into when you step out of your bath and put on your robe. 

Finally, add decor that pleases the senses

To further enhance the comfort of the space, add a few final touches. Elle Decor suggests installing a heated towel bar in a home spa. This way, when you step out of the bathtub, a warm towel awaits you. If you really want to make an investment, you can even install radiant floor heating to keep your toes toasty while in the bathroom.

Implement dim lighting rather than high-watt overhead fixtures. Bring plants into the bathroom to instill calm. If you're into aromatherapy, line the surfaces of your bathroom vanity and shelving with scented candles. 

Elle Decor reminds that for a home-spa, you don't have to stay basic. Why not install a stereo system in the bathroom? You'll be able to listen to relaxing tunes as you lounge. These choices will pamper your senses and make your spa-like bathroom the perfect getaway.