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Whether you are the sole user of your lavatory or you share it with a few others, the space can get seriously messy. If your bathroom's looking explosive, you can clean it up by using both classic and non-traditional organizational techniques. 

Invest in an extensive bathroom vanity

Even if you're the only one using a bathroom, counter space can get cluttered quickly. By finding a bathroom vanity with plenty of drawer and shelf space, you can stow your perfume bottles and toothpaste tubes. This will clear the counter and make it easier for you to locate your items. For further organization, Martha Stewart Living suggests inserting dividers into drawers to separate your make-up from your hair supplies.

These vanities are available in a number of styles, ranging from modern to antique. If you share the space, consider a double sink vanity so you and your bathroom-mate can spread out while getting ready in the morning. Make sure the mirror over this vanity opens up to a medicine cabinet, providing even more space for you to stow your toiletries. 

Think of other ways to stash bathroom essentials

Once you have your vanity in place, try out some less-traditional storage techniques. Find a funky linen cabinet with both shelving and drawer space. 

Shelterness, a home design website, suggests putting a rustic, wooden ladder in the corner of the bathroom, next to the linen cabinet. The piece offers a place to hang your towels while adding distinction to the room.

The source also shows how you can use woven baskets throughout the bathroom to store everything from hand towels to bubble bath. For ultimate organization, you can neatly label each basket with decorative tags. 

Additionally, insert extensive shelving around the bathroom. If you really want to invest in your organization, you might install these shelves in the wall. Otherwise, you can line the bathroom's surfaces with one or two shelving panels. Neatly stack your towels, air fresheners and bars of soap on these pieces, putting similar items together to make navigating through your bathroom easier. Put soaps and shampoos on shelves close to the tub while stacking toilet paper rolls close to the toilet. 

Other less traditional ideas include nailing square cubbyholes on the bathroom walls or putting a shelved push-cart in the facility. Whatever implements you decided on will clean up the look of your bathroom and make it easier for you to use. 

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Do you want to maximize the relaxation your bathroom provides? With the right design tweaks, you can make a miniature spa right in your home.

First, install a fantastic tub

When it comes to unwinding, nothing beats a warm bath. If you've been using the same, traditional fixture since you bought your house, exchange it for a bath that's spa-worthy.

Luckily, there's a large selection of decadent tubs out there. If you're looking for the ultimate calming experience, invest in a bath that massages while you soak. A fixture like the Produits Neptune Zen has several massage jet options, including calming and energizing settings, for the whole spectrum of bath-users. 

Powerful lights are installed in the walls of the bath itself to instill ambiance. You can flip through a selection of bright colors and illuminate your space with whatever hue fits your mood. 

Second, make the lavatory comfortable

The rest of your bathroom should exhibit the same comforts as your deluxe bathtub. 

Calfinder, a home improvement website, explains how to make a spa-like bathroom out an extra room of your house. Having a spacious area increases the openness and comfort of the lavatory. Additionally, it leaves plenty of space for you to fill the room with amenities. 

Line the floor of the bathroom with a plush rug that's soft to the touch. Bring pieces of furniture, like a cushioned chair and a comfy couch, for you to sink into when you step out of your bath and put on your robe. 

Finally, add decor that pleases the senses

To further enhance the comfort of the space, add a few final touches. Elle Decor suggests installing a heated towel bar in a home spa. This way, when you step out of the bathtub, a warm towel awaits you. If you really want to make an investment, you can even install radiant floor heating to keep your toes toasty while in the bathroom.

Implement dim lighting rather than high-watt overhead fixtures. Bring plants into the bathroom to instill calm. If you're into aromatherapy, line the surfaces of your bathroom vanity and shelving with scented candles. 

Elle Decor reminds that for a home-spa, you don't have to stay basic. Why not install a stereo system in the bathroom? You'll be able to listen to relaxing tunes as you lounge. These choices will pamper your senses and make your spa-like bathroom the perfect getaway. 

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What could be a more relaxing getaway than a rainforest-themed bathroom? With the right shower, furniture and decor choices, you can make your lavatory a jungle-inspired escape. 

Invest in a quality shower

Make the shower the central focus of your bathroom. Designers hoping to capture the essence of a rainforest in this space are in luck: Several shower fixtures out there are designed to encapsulate falling rain. 

A steam shower will snatch you from reality and transport you to the Amazon. These fixtures are available in numerous styles with a plethora of luxurious features. To fit in with your bathroom's theme, choose one with wood paneling and a glass door. The shower's steam generator will mist you head to toe while its blue or green overhead lighting fills the space around you. You may even be able to find one with a built-in sauna and an acupuncture massage option.

These amenities, coupled with an oversized rainfall shower head, will make you feel like you're in a jungle. The showers even have auxiliary hook ups, so you can play soothing nature sounds through the speakers to totally complete the experience.

Install natural fixtures

When choosing the furniture for your bathroom, go with wooden and stone mediums to accompany your theme. 

Houzz showcases a lavatory lined with natural stone tiles on the floor. The bathroom vanity is made out of light-hued wood. Rather than a traditional basin sink on top, this vanity boasts a concrete sink reminiscent of a hollowed-out rock. The mirror over the surface is also surrounded by wood, but a few shades darker. 

Besides the vanity, you may also find wooden medicine cabinets and shelving for the bathroom. Instead of painting the walls, use natural stone wall tiles to line the surfaces of the room. 

Find nature-themed decor

Rely on plants to decorate this bathroom. You'd be surprised just how many bamboo-based items are on the market. Line the walls of the room with bamboo sticks or perhaps hang a bamboo screen over the door. 

HGTV showcases a rainforest-themed bathroom with truly wild decor. The designer filled the area with real trees that twist around the sink and hug the side of the toilet. Vines crawl over several of the bathroom's surfaces.

You don't have to go so far with your bathroom, but a few potted plants alongside the rest of your facility's amenities will make the space a true oasis. 

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Are you hoping to redesign your child's bathroom? If so, make the room both spunky and functional for even the smallest lavatory users. 

Bring color in to the room

Rather than using the delicate grays and blues of your bathroom, boost the color of your child's space. Shelterness, a home-design website, discusses the importance of making the room bright and colorful. Vibrant primary colors can instill a positive mood in the room. 

Cover any white walls with one or two vibrant colors, like orange, green or pink. You can paint these surfaces solidly, or have a little fun with striped or polka-dotted walls. If there's an artist in you, why not make a mural? Your children will likely adore an underwater or jungle scene in their bathroom.

Find fun and functional fixtures

When choosing the essentials for the bathroom, from the toilet to the vanity, think of your child's capability. Decoist, an interior design source, reminds you to design the room so children can easily navigate it without your help. Do this by keeping everything uncomplicated and in reach.

First, choose a bathroom vanity that kids can access easily. If more than one child uses the bathroom every day, invest in a double sink vanity. This way, your kids can easily share the facilities in the morning. 

Make sure the vanity has plenty of storage space. Again, if several children use the bathroom, provide enough room for all of them to stow their towels and toothbrushes. Find a vanity with plenty of drawers and shelves. Also, you might keep a couple of stools nearby so that your kids can step up to see the mirror.

Try to find wooden pieces. This way, you can easily paint the vanity, linen cabinet and any wall shelving. Stick a few fun decals on the mirror and walls, and find a funky shower curtain and bath mat. 

You might love a steam shower, but keep it simple for the kids. A claw foot tub will add a fun and classic aesthetic to the bathroom. You can easily install a shower arm and head to one of these fixtures so children can either soak in the tub or take a shower. 

Remember to avoid being neutral in your design choices. Kids don't need soft lighting and subtle, soothing colors to enjoy their bathroom. Make it a fun place for them to get ready in the morning with vibrant colors and offbeat decor. 

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Is your man's bathroom a little lacking? If you're out of birthday gift ideas, you might considering revamping his facilities this year. With the right decor and a few installations, you might make this lavatory his favorite room in the house.

Implement a masculine color palette

If you're repainting the walls, you could stick to white, or else make things interesting. Made Man, a website geared to masculine interests, suggests gray or brown for a man's bathroom. The source notes that whichever color you go with will establish the theme of the entire bathroom, so choose wisely, keeping your beau's preferences in mind.

Use this color scheme on the floor as well. If your walls are brown or red, why not install polished brick in the floor? Not only will these have a distinct look, they'll also feel soft on bare feet.

Made Man also suggests hanging art on the walls of the bathroom. Throw up a few vintage posters of your man's favorite band or movie. The source reminds you to match the frames of these pieces with the rest of the room's color scheme.

Keep it simple

Generally, don't feel like you need to get elaborate when designing a man's bathroom. Houzz showcases a room with a single framed picture over the toilet, a rustic wooden vanity, and a simple mirror hanging over it. The lavatory doesn't even have a toilet paper dispenser - the roll sits right on top of the fixture.

Install a nice amenity 

Even if you're keeping things fairly basic, you might want to treat your man with a decadent fixture. 

Upgrade his basic stall and shower head to something with an extravagant touch. A steam shower will provide a miniature oasis right in the bathroom. 

These showers come in a range of styles with multiple varying features. Rather than white, choose a piece with glass panels and teak flooring, to go with the rest of the bathroom. 

With recessed lights in the shower's roof and a number of adjustable jets, this isn't your normal shower. It even has a sound system to enhance the showering experience. 

With these implements in place, you can add a few finishing touches, like a replenished magazine spread and a new pair of bath slippers next to the shower. The next time your hubby walks into the bathroom, he'll find the perfect gift waiting for him through your bathroom design. 

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If you like your home to have a worn-in feel, the bathroom is a space that can be delightfully rustic. From the floor to the ceiling, you can easily make the room vintage. 

Soften the surfaces

Though classic, a bathroom floor does not need to be lined with painted tiles or linoleum. Instead, you might choose natural stonework for this surface. Interiorholic, a design website, shows you how a brick floor can give the space a warm, antique look. 

The source also emphasizes wood for this bathroom style. A wooden ceiling complete with large, exposed beams makes the room instantly rustic. Rather than painted or tiled walls, you can panel these surfaces with soft oak or beech planks. Varnish these if you want or just leave them in their bare, natural state. 

Choose antique fixtures

There are some real gizmos and gadgets out there for the modern bathroom. But if you love the worn in look, pick pieces that are old fashioned but nonetheless stylish. 

First, add an antique bathroom vanity. To go along with the other surfaces in the lavatory, choose an unpainted wooden piece. Instead of a stark white countertop and sink, see if you can find a natural stone surface such as granite. This darker color will soften the bathroom's overall look. 

Next, get just the right bathtub. There may be some fancy fixtures on the market, but going with an old-time design will contribute more to the rustic feel of the bathroom. Choose a vintage-style claw foot tub for the space. These baths are classic, unique and available in a number of distinct styles. 

In terms of storage space, throw some shelving on the walls. You can stack everything from patterned hand towels to secondhand books on these pieces. You also may want to invest in a wooden medicine cabinet for all of your toiletries. 

Zillow shows you how incorporating the outdoors is effective in rustic bathroom design. Maximize your window space to allow plenty of sunshine to naturally illuminate the area. You might even make one of the bathroom walls mostly glass so that the scenery outside becomes a part of the room. 

Ultimately, stick to the basics with this bathroom design. Avoid harsh lighting and stark colors. Go with neutral tones and natural mediums, and your bathroom will be perfectly rustic. 

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Giving your bathroom hotel-status
Posted on Monday, April 29, 2013

Who doesn't love staying at a hotel and indulging in its lavish facilities? If you want to make your own bathroom a treat, you can do so by taking inspiration from four and five-star lavatories.

In an American Express Travel and Leisure article, writer and traveler Adam Sachs explained that hotel bathrooms are designed to provide comfort and cleanliness with relaxing amenities and distinct style.

Finding luxurious fixtures

In the source, Sachs explained his excitement upon entering the Four Seasons in Tokyo and seeing a sign on the door reading "Don't be afraid of our toilet."

The toilet ended up having an array of buttons that Sachs hardly comprehended. For similar extravagance, you too can install a multi-featured fixture. Choose a TOTO washlet, of Japanese design, and have your own slightly over-the-top utility. The toilets offer comfort and cleanliness with their hygienic wands and heated seats.

After he played with the toilet, Sachs took a bath in a fantastically large tub. Perhaps you too would like to switch out your smaller bath for something more hotel-worthy. If you really want to go big, why not try a walk-in bathtub? Lined with jets and available in a number of colors and shapes, these fixtures make a hotel bathing experience an everyday thing. 

While soaking, Sachs turned music on the hotel speakers and grabbed himself a drink from the mini-bar. You might also enhance your facilities with these sorts of indulgences. Why not convert a medicine cabinet into a small liquor pantry? Additionally, you can easily install a sound system in the room, potentially even in the shower. 

Making your space distinct

Beside their extravagant amenities, some of the best hotels make their bathrooms interesting through their decor choices. An MSN article recently showcased a few of the world's more "extreme" lavatories. One of these is in the New Majestic Hotel in Singapore, where each guest bathroom has a completely original wall graphic by the same artists who designed the rest of the rooms' decor. 

In this vein, you can also add unique flair to your bathroom. Find a set of framed pictures to line the space. If you want to make a real investment, you might even hire an artist to paint a mural on the wall. Like in the New Majestic, this one-of-a-kind decor will give the space style.

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There's more to renovating a teenage girl's lavatory than throwing pink paint on the walls and a frilly curtain across the shower. By staying tasteful but still showing some flair, any young lady will love her revamped facilities.

Avoiding excess

The days of copious unicorns and princess crowns usually fade away when a girl hits her teens. That being said, you don't want to make the space totally devoid of feminine panache.

FreshNist, an interior design site, shows you how to make a girl's bathroom that's fun, but not too off-the-wall. The source suggests keeping the surfaces of the lavatory neutral. Instead of painted tiles, consider natural, brown stone. 

When choosing a bathroom vanity, take a look at pieces with wooden shelving and granite sink basins. Resist your urge to get too elaborate with these fixtures: By keeping them basic, without extensive engraving or decadent patterning, you'll tone down the rest of the girl's bathroom. 

You can complement these neutral pieces with vibrant accents in the room. You may choose to paint the bathroom's walls pink, purple or orange. Investing in a brightly patterned shower curtain will spice things up. You may even be able to find a colored toilet lid or pendant lights to give the space distinction.

The source also shows how a teenage girl's bathroom can be modern. By installing sleek fixtures, from the toilet to the bathtub, the bathroom will have an edgy flair, perfect for girls who like to keep up with the hottest trends. 

Going for a less "girly" color scheme

Believe it or not, pink isn't every girl's favorite color. Though it works well to brighten a space, it isn't totally necessary in a girl's bathroom. 

Houzz showcases a teenage girl's bathroom that doesn't use pink at all. Instead, its design is based on a beach theme. The wood paneled walls are painted over white, giving the space the rustic look of a seaside shack. The tiled floor is the color of sand. The shower in the corner is basic, with a simple glass shower panel. The lavatory design may be simple, but any beach-loving gal will adore it. 

The main point to consider when renovating a bathroom for a teenage girl is whether it meets her tastes. If she absolutely loves pink or she's obsessed with blue, make the bathroom design show it.

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Make your bathroom a thinking place
Posted on Friday, April 26, 2013

Do you ever get lost in thought when you're in the bathroom? For some people, the bathroom is a place to have a momentary escape from reality and possibly spend a few extra minutes in deep contemplation. By designing comfortable facilities, you can enjoy this time in the bathroom more than ever.

Install comfortable seating

When picking pieces for the bathroom, you may consider a few seating arrangements conducive to long lapses of quiet thought. A seat that every bathroom has is that of the toilet. Luckily, there are a variety of highly comfortable options in this department.

One of these is a deluxe bidet or washlet. Perhaps choose a COCO Bidet as your main utility. This elaborate device fits on top of any toilet and offers fantastic amenities, from a heated seat to a deodorizer. 

If you're looking for something with distinction, you may consider a toilet showcased by the Huffington Post. This piece, called the City Life Smart Bench Toilet, is actually a walnut bench with a toilet installed directly into it. This idea offers extra space for toilet users, as well as comfort. The sloping wooden back of the fixture is perfect for reclining. 

Another typical sitting place in a bathroom is the tub. Why not exchange your old fashioned bath for something that offers comfort? By investing in a whirlpool bath with a built-in massage system and multiple jets along its sides, you may find yourself sitting happily for hours. 

Make the space roomy

Another way to instill comfort in the bathroom is by opening it up a bit. Home Design Lover, an interior design and architecture site, explains the effect of having adequate space in a bathroom. The source notes that if a facility is too crowded, it becomes uncomfortable. Especially if you look to the bathroom as a place to run away with your thoughts, you'll likely want to open things up a bit.

You can accomplish this by keeping the bathroom streamlined. Try to use your vanity as your main storage place, keeping everything from perfume bottles to your aspirin supply in the shelves above or below it. 

Also, allowing plenty of light in the room may help open up the area. By maximizing your space and installing comfortable seating, your bathroom may become the ideal place for you to sink into contemplation. 

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Whether you're a minimalist, an environmentalist or you just like small spaces, you may consider compacting your living quarters, including everything from the bed to the toilet. Perhaps you're renovating your tiny summer cabin, or you're looking to purchase a tiny house - in either case, you will want to learn how to maximize the little space available to you. 

Compact living space: a jail denizen's dream

The Verge, a technology, art and culture website, recently reported that Italian high-security inmates invented a dream prison cell, called the "Freedom Room." Though an exclusively conceptual design, the blueprint provides some good ideas for interior design - The prisoners hope that the blueprint is a basis for others looking to cut back on money and implement minimal-space housing. 

The Freedom Room spans 116 square feet, and holds two beds, a dresser, closet, desk and wall shelves. Additionally, in the same room, is a toilet and a small bathroom area with a shower. Last but not least, the prisoners drew in a large window to increase the flow of sunlight getting in the room. 

This idea shows how you can combine a bathroom with a bedroom to conserve space. If you want to meld these rooms similarly, but you also want to maintain a certain privacy, you can install the toilet and shower in one corner of the room and barricade the area with curtains or paneling. 

Tiny homes maximize space

A Huffington Post blog described how a couple in Spokane, Washington, recently moved into a 374-square foot "tiny home" from a house that was more than 1,500 square feet. 

The small home has the essentials: a lofted bedroom and a kitchen, as well as a toilet and a bathtub. The couple didn't let the small space cramp their style though. The interior of the house is painted a bright orange. The furniture is sparse, but colorful and decorative, and the home has a lot of natural light flowing into it through the windows and the glass-paned front door.

If you too are looking to make the most out of a tiny living area, you might follow this couple's lead and stick with the bare necessities. Once you've purchased a toilet, a bed, a few kitchen appliances and maybe even a vessel sink, you'll have what you need to live small. 

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Designing a bathroom for the world traveler
Posted on Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do you love traveling and want your home to show it? International design themes call for distinctive decor in any room, and the bathroom is no exception.

Choosing distinctive fixtures

To give your bathroom a world-travel flavor, begin by considering alternative fixtures like sinks, toilets and tubs that may be atypical in American facilities. 

Dvice, a website devoted to technology, art and design, recently showcased a sink created by Ukrainian designer Julia Kononenko​ that featured a 3D map of city streets. The base of the sink is a horizontal plank attached to the bathroom wall. Koronenko designed a network of streets in relief by chiseling into the surface. A sleek silver faucet attaches to the wall separately.

According to the source, water flows through the "streets" and down a drain in the back of the fixture. Kononenko customizes these sinks to match any city street plan buyers want, whether New York City or Tokyo. 

If you want something practical but still unique, consider a modern bathroom vanity with a brightly colored vessel sink. By choosing an orange and white checkered pattern reminiscent of Venetian glass, your sink will have a European edge and be a piece of eye candy in the room.

To further instill the cosmopolitan feeling in your bathroom, consider investing in a bidet or a washlet. These deluxe toilets, often staples in European and Asian cultures, will give the space foreign flair. Japanese washlets, specifically, have a number of features that will make you feel pampered. Turn on the massage and heat settings of these devices and leave behind the standard bathroom experience.

Other ways to accent the space

With your fixtures in place, you can accessorize to enhance the world travel theme. You may consider wallpaper to line the surfaces of the bathroom. Possible designs include detailed world maps or scenes from Roman frescoes. 

Apartment Therapy noted that you can use your bathroom as a place to keep souvenirs from previous travels. Line the shelves on your walls with collectibles from across the country and around the world for you and your guests to admire when visiting the facilities. 

Consider an oriental rug to line part of the floor. Replenish your bathroom reading material with National Geographic magazines and travel guides. Throw some Asian-style robes on the wall's hooks, and you'll be well on your way to having a completely travel-themed restroom. 

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How to make a great family bathroom
Posted on Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Do you share a single bathroom with the rest of your family? When renovating this facility, you likely don't want to overlook anyone in your design choices. Instead, take care to find amenities to please mom, dad and the kids.

Though many may base a family bathroom on function rather than style, you don't need to completely deprive yourself of luxury. The Press and Journal showcased a home in which the family bathroom had everything from a bidet to a Jacuzzi. You may not want to get quite this decadent, but why not treat yourself a little?

Investing in a vanity 

Ladies using the bathroom probably wouldn't mind a nice place to put on their make up on in the morning. Instead of resorting to a basic mirror on the wall, you could install a beautiful bathroom vanity instead.

Whether an antique or modern furnishing, these pieces can be truly elegant. You may be able to find one with an intricately designed mirror or an engraved counter surface. Whichever style you choose, it's important that the piece has plenty of storage space for lotions, cosmetics and other toiletries.

Kids will use the vanity too, so you'll likely want to pick a durable material for the piece. HGTV suggests choosing a material that can withstand wear and tear, like granite.

"You don't have to worry about them scratching or staining. You'll spend more on them than you would laminate, but they're low maintenance and will look good for a long time," Sara Ann Busby of the National Kitchen and Bath Association said to the source. 

Installing a shower and a tub

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind with a luxurious steam shower. These pieces come with a number of features, from massaging jets to mood lighting, that'll make any stressed-out parent feel revitalized. 

If your children are small, you may want to have a bathtub in the bathroom as well. Though you might go with a basic, traditional design like a clawed foot tub, you could also get fancy with your bathtub choice.

By choosing a whirlpool tub with jets along the sides, your kids may never complain about having to take a bath again. Of course, if you need some serious relaxation, you can indulge in this Jacuzzi-style bath too. With these fixtures in place, the whole family will enjoy the bathroom they share.

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Achieving asymmetry in bathroom design
Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Do you want your bathroom to have an unexpected look? If so, you may consider one of the hot new trends for bathroom design: going asymmetrical. Instead of balancing out the layout and fixtures of the room, concentrating them unevenly will make the space eye-catching.

TLC Home notes that asymmetry in a bathroom creates a look of sophistication that usually is incorporated in Asian and modern design. So if you are looking to give your bathroom a fresh, new age appearance, this style may work well. 

Make the layout uneven

If you're installing a bathroom from scratch, you have the advantage of putting the furniture and fixtures anywhere you would like. To create an unbalanced look, try concentrating these pieces together on one wall, leaving the rest of the space open.

Houzz showcases a few bathrooms that implement this design technique. One of these rooms has a bathroom vanity directly next to the toilet. The shower is on the same side of the room as well. Additionally, all along this wall, hanging from the ceiling are many elaborate pendant lights. In this way, one half of the lavatory is crowded, while the rest of the space is free.

The vanity can be unbalanced

The bathroom vanity is often the focal point of the room. You can use this fixture to emphasize the asymmetrical element of the space. Instead of putting a basin sink in the center of its surface, you may consider putting it over the far left or right of the piece.

Use the colors of the vanity to disrupt the balance. If the surface of the vanity is black, why not install a white sink on it? If you put a large mirror over this sink, you can further emphasize one side of the vanity, leaving the other half of it open. 

Concentrate the wall decor

Instead of evenly interspersing accents around your bathroom, you might group these decorations in one area to set things off balance. 

Leaving the rest of the wall space blank, put any decorative pieces, such as a large vase or a painting, in one area. Again, you can use color to create further contrast in the space. Perhaps paint the room white, or another light hue, and find black or darker colored items to decorate the area. By doing so, you will create a feeling of imbalance that will make your bathroom aesthetically pleasing and distinct. 

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A bathroom can be a person's own getaway, so why not make your design choices all about you? When you're doing renovations and shopping for decor, follow your own personal preferences. With these in mind, you'll make the room all your own.

What's your favorite color? Use it as the basis for your design changes. If you're into pink, paint your walls to show it. Maybe cooler hues makes you feel good - why not find some bright green tiles to line the floor? 

Vary the shades of the color you choose. Match red painted walls with a pink toilet and sink. This will mix things up a bit, while keeping with your preferences.

Interior24, an interior design website, offers a few ideas to making distinctive choices with bathroom design. If you dig the vintage feel, there's no reason why you can't base your facilities on this style. The source shows that large, dark red wall tiles bordered with an antique floral design, can establish this feeling. 

You might consider getting an antique bathroom vanity as well. These pieces have a unique quality, often with engraved surfaces and a worn-in look. Find a large decorative mirror you like to hang over the piece, too. 

Additionally, you'll want to choose a bath or shower that's perfect for your personal relaxation. If you like to unwind in the shower, you might consider a steam-style fixture for your bathroom. With their multiple jets, massage features and mood lighting, you'll truly pamper yourself with this installment. If you like to take an occasional bath, consider a whirlpool or soaking tub.

Getting personal

Maybe you've made these decor changes, but you still aren't totally satisfied. A London restaurant shows you how to make bathroom fixtures your own.

Eater National reports that the London restaurant Fifteen has temporarily shut down for renovations that include custom-made toilets.

Jamie Oliver, the chef and owner, claims that to clamp down on people who'd been taking off with the toilet's handles, and other parts, he's branding the utilities. His new toilets have a tasteful engraving of the restaurant's name on them, so that patrons are fully aware that the pieces are Fifteen's private property. 

If you similarly want to impose yourself on your bathroom fixtures, you can do so by putting your monogram on everything from the hand towels to the shower curtain.

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How to give your bathroom spunk
Posted on Monday, April 22, 2013

Are you sick of the average look of your bathroom? Spice things up with funky interior design. From the floor to the ceiling, by making certain updates, your lavatory will be something to talk about.

Choose an interesting medium for your surface

If the linoleum on your bathroom's floor is past its prime, you might consider replacing it with something a little more vivacious. 

Tile is available in a plethora of colors and styles. Instead of going with a traditional white or pale hue, perhaps consider a deep navy or crimson for your floor. You can also create elaborate patterns from these pieces that will really catch the eye. 

For a shower's base or the surface of a countertop, consider mosaic tiles. Installing these adds a bright splash to your facilities. Apply the dazzling small squares to accent the space, perhaps choosing a pattern with red, orange, white and brown pieces.

For the wall space, choose colors that are out of the ordinary. Paint over white surfaces with red, or maybe even try an eye-popping green to really make your facilities different. If you want something more elaborate, line your walls with patterned wallpaper instead. 

Furnish the bathroom to make it one-of-a-kind

It's easy to give a space pizzazz with the right decor. Houzz offers a few tips for establishing a little bit of funk in your bathroom by adding a few items.

One of these ideas is to put "real" furniture in the room. Instead of limiting your facilities to the necessary toilet and sink, why not add a wooden chair or a small coffee table? If you have the space, these sorts of additions will make your bathroom comfortable and unique.

You might also put additional wall shelves in your bathroom and line them with funky odds and ends, like leather-bound books or a lava lamp. 

If you want to add true distinction to the facilities, there is a toilet fixture on the market that may do the trick. NightGlow Toilet Seats, manufactured in Ontario, are the classic white during daylight hours, but as soon as the lights are out, the seat and lid glow bright blue. Not only will this give your bathroom a real conversation piece, but it may also be helpful to lavatory users in the middle of the night. 

By adding atypical features like these, you'll give your bathroom just the right amount of jazz to make it something special.

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Do you like to unwind by taking a bath every once in awhile? Doing so can be the ultimate in relaxation. If your current facilities are a little lacking in the tub department, you might want to consider a few changes so that your next bubble bath is a real treat.

Invest in the right fixture

You might be surprised how many different luxurious bathtub styles are out there. Instead of going with a typical tub, you might try something a little different.

If you want to up the level of luxury in your bathroom, you could invest in a whirlpool bath. Put some bath bubbles in the water and the fixture will fill with delightful foam instantly.

Choose a tub with deeper sides. When you step in, you'll get a feeling of security from the walls surrounding you. When deciding, be sure that the bathtub's sides slope gradually enough that you can comfortably lie back in it.

For a deeper fixture, you could invest in a walk-in tub. You enter this bath by opening a door on its side. These fixtures are even available with air massage and whirlpool features for further extravagance.

Do you want to add some flair to your bathroom? You might try a tub that isn't so traditional looking. Freshome Design & Architecture shows you how to find bathtubs that are truly one-of-a-kind

These modern tubs are totally minimalist. The black, egg shaped bath seems to suspend in the air, installed in a base about half a foot above the floor. The fixture may be compact, but it is sleek and comfortable.

Give your tub a view

Instead of just staring at a tiled wall while sitting in the bath, why not let yourself look at something more pleasing to the eye?

A CNN Travel report notes that the bathtub in Prague's One Room Hotel at Tower Park Praha has a view out of its east-facing windows over the exquisite city. 

If possible, you might want to provide a view for your bathtub similarly. If you extend the window space in your bathroom, you might be able to admire outdoor scenery while you soak. Otherwise, you can at least put some lovely artwork at eye-level. 

If renovating your bathroom, treat yourself by choosing a comfortable bath fixture and giving it a view for when you're in it.

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A large shower means luxury
Posted on Friday, April 19, 2013

For many, the five or 10 minutes in the shower every day is a reprieve from the stresses of the daily grind. Make the most of this miniature getaway by investing in a deluxe shower fixture. Luxury features will make your shower more relaxing and your bathroom more elegant.

Bigger is better

Make the shower the focal point of your bathroom. According to the Chicago Tribune, installing a big, two-person shower is a hot interior design trend. These fixtures are not only aesthetically impressive, they also are convenient. If you share a bathroom with your significant other, you may not have to fight over who gets the first shower ever again.

"Homeowners are working more and have busier lifestyles now more than ever, and are realizing the value of having a soothing and luxurious bathroom to start and end their day. People are tired of cramped his and her bathrooms, where they're tripping over each other and staggering wake-up and shower times," Leslie Molloy, bathroom designer, told the Tribune.

When choosing one of these fixtures, you'll have many options in terms of medium and color. You may pick one with a glass shower panel, juxtaposed to neutral-hued stone tiling on the shower's base. If you want something a little out of the ordinary, you might even find one with black walls and a brown floor reminiscent of wood panels. 

Find luxurious amenities

Once you've picked your shower fixture, make it an oasis by implementing certain features. The Taos News recently explained the importance of choosing the right shower head. For the ultimate relaxation experience, you might try a rain shower fixture. These pieces give you complete water coverage. Many are available with colored LED lights that create an intimate feel.

If you want an even more extravagant experience, you might try a steam shower. These fixtures are almost spa-like with their multiple features. Many have ceiling rain showers in addition to body sprays, shower jets, massage features and mood lighting. Additionally, these showers often come equipped with CD and auxiliary connections. You'll likely be able to find one with built-in benches so you can take a seat and relish in the shower's amenities.

Once you have your deluxe shower in place, with added features geared toward luxury, you'll have a sanctuary right in your bathroom. 

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Do you like to keep it simple? If so, you likely won't want to get too elaborate when renovating your bathroom.  

Choosing not-so-fancy fixtures

A bathroom only needs a few select utilities. If you just want what's necessary, consider simply installing a traditional toilet, a shower stall and a pedestal sink.

If you do want counter-space you may benefit from a bathroom vanity. These fixtures are available in a number of basic styles. Perhaps go with a classic black and white or wooden vanity. If you have a separate pedestal basin in the bathroom, this fixture does not need a sink.

An article in The Wall Street Journal recently explained the process of building a vanity. Journal writer Alexa Brazilian described how she, uninterested by over-the-top vanities, wanted a basic space where she could put on her make-up and dry her hair.

She realized that she could simply attach a three-sided mirror perpendicularly to a flat surface, such as a table, and create her own vanity. She noted that this is actually a very traditional idea, especially when laying out a decorative piece of cloth over the horizontal surface.

"It wasn't until around the 1730s that mirrors were built into dressing tables. Mirrors were relatively small before then because the technology wasn't there," Nick Humphrey of the Victoria & Albert Museum told the Journal.

These minimal vanities have a certain charm. Individuals designing their bathrooms might implement this idea, adding a practical yet distinctive feature to the room.

Have a simple bathroom layout

Aside from the necessary fixtures, you may want the bathroom's layout to be minimal as well. Freshome describes how to stick to the basics without sacrificing the aesthetic value of the room.

Instead of choosing an elaborate wallpaper or flashy color, you may simply want to simply paint your walls white. Overall, a black and white theme may instill a minimalist atmosphere in your bathroom.

For the floor, you might decide on totally white tiles, gray stonework, or again, a mix of black and white.

In terms of lighting in the bathroom, a basic overhead fixture may be enough. You might simply rely more on natural light flowing through the windows to be the room's source of illumination. By installing only necessary fixtures and keeping the room's decor minimal, you will create a basic and functional facility that is pleasing to the eye.

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A bathroom can be an artist's haven
Posted on Thursday, April 18, 2013

How many times have you been inspired while brushing your teeth or shampooing your hair? Many people get their best ideas while performing such daily routines. Whether you're a writer or a painter, inspiration can strike at any moment. Every room in your house can be decorated to encourage the creative process, even the bathroom. 

Make your bathroom a drawing board

You can create a blank canvas in your bathroom by painting the walls and other surfaces white or another light hue.

The next time you're hit with an artistic impulse in the bathroom, you'll only have to grab a paintbrush or a marker and jot it down on one of the bathroom's surfaces. 

A New Times Miami blog explains that having available space to scrawl out ideas can add immediate interest to a room. Owners of the Florida restaurant Wood Tavern asked their patrons to participate in an event called "1,000 Sharpies" in which they could scrawl anything on the establishment's walls.

Filling the surface space of an area with sketches and notes makes the room itself a piece of art. Additionally, you can add accents to establish this creative atmosphere.

Accents to stimulate further inspiration

Adding the right decor to a room might contribute to its creative vibe. House Beautiful magazine offers a few suggestions in this department. One of these is making the floor pebbled. This will give your bathroom a distinct and natural foundation.

The source also underlines the importance of the right sink area. A vintage or antique bathroom vanity offers a worn-in, aesthetically pleasing look that also has a unique quality.

Getting enough light into the room is significant in that it makes the space seem more open. If possible, increase the number of windows in the room. Additionally, consider putting in a skylight to really get natural brightness in the area. House Beautiful notes that you may also invest in under-cabinet lighting to offer further illumination.

An interesting rug in the bathroom may add to the space. Perhaps choose a bright green carpet reminiscent of long blades of grass. An oriental rug may also give the room a touch of panache. On the shelves of your bathroom, leave yourself reading material in your artistic field: paperback fiction for the writer, clothing magazines for the fashion designer.

By following these tips and making your lavatory a canvas for your creative ranting, you may make a miniature studio out of an otherwise typical bathroom.

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Tech devices for a clean, spa-like bathroom
Posted on Wednesday, April 17, 2013

If you're redesigning your facilities, a few pieces of technology can enhance a bathroom's feel. Certain changes, from the toilet to the shower, may help give the space both luxury and cleanliness.

Fixtures that keep you clean and pampered

A USA Today article notes how state-of-the-art devices promote cleanliness in bathrooms. Touchless faucets, steam showers and multi-feature bidets are in. As more people see bathrooms as their own private getaways, they invest in technology that elevates everything hygienically and practically, from using the toilet to taking a shower.

"We're seeing so much more technology enter the space. People want the ability to customize their experience and to be more involved with the products in the bathroom," Travis Rotelli, interior designer, told the source.

For example, Japanese washlets have become increasingly popular. These devices, similar to bidets, have a touch-pad control so that users can adjust the temperature of the seat and the warm-water cleansing wand.  The washlets also include air purifiers and massage settings.

"They're not talking about toys. We're addressing people's legitimate need to get clean, to improve their experience in the bathroom," David Krakoff, president of sales at TOTO USA, told the source. 

Steam showers also help bathroom-users get clean while being pampered. The units, available in number of different styles, will give you a delightful reprieve from the real-world with their technological features. 

Often decked out with auxiliary hook ups, telephone receivers and mood lighting, these are not your typical showers. Users can play their favorite albums while shampooing their hair. If one wants to squeeze a phone call into his or her morning routine, he or she can dial in while showering. The units even have massage settings for a deluxe shower experience. 

Other gizmos you may consider

The International Center for Bathroom Etiquette posted a few other tech-ideas to enhance a restroom. If children also use the bathroom, you might not want to overlook technologies that could enhance their restroom experiences. The blog suggests an iPotty for iPad, which is a plastic toilet trainer that has an iPad stand to keep young ones entertained while using the facilities.

Additionally, for the real mysophobe out there, the blog showcases the WristPull, a device that allows users to actually open a bathroom door with his or her wrist, keeping hands completely clean after they've been washed. 

These gadgets may be just the right additions to your bathroom. Larger investments such as a washlet or steam shower may be enough to make your restroom clean and spa-like. 

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Making a toilet-based dining space
Posted on Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Can you imagine a line of urinals on the wall of an upscale dining room? It does sound outlandish, but bathroom decor may be the new style. According to a CNN Travel report, toilet-themed restaurants are in. In 2004, Modern Toilet opened in Taiwan to a mixed initial reception, but the franchise spread through Asia and has now hit Europe.

In London, according to CNN, Tom Sellers just opened a bathroom-themed restaurant called Story. The establishment itself is located in what was once a toilet block. Before him, Peter Tomlinson, owner of London's The Attendant, did the same, making his cafe on the site of an 1890s Victorian toilet. 

"We kept everything, including the original teak Attendant's office door, which we converted into our little kitchen. There is even a 1950s hand drier still on the wall," Tomlinson told CNN. "Floors, walls and urinals made by Doulton & Paisley at their Lambeth Factory on the shore of the River Thames in 1890 are all original."

Tomlinson didn't try to cover up the lavatory quality of the space. A wood counter runs underneath a line of wall urinals, creating ample room for customers to sit and eat. The floors are black and white tiled, the walls are of shiny white brick: all exhibiting classic bathroom style.

Make your own toilet-based room

Do you have a spare bathroom that you want to transform into a living or dining space? Instead of gutting the facilities, you may want to use them as the basis of your decor. 

Toilets make excellent seats, even if not used in the traditional sense. Buzzfeed shows how Modern Toilet uses these utilities as the chairs on which guests enjoy their meals. To spice things up a little, the restaurant painted the lids in bright blues and greens. 

Use  the bathroom tile you already have on the walls and floors. Modern Toilet showcases classic small, blue square tiles on its walls. The floor has larger, black and white tiles. 

Whether you have a bathroom vanity or a pedestal fixture, the sink area of a bathroom can double as a place to wash dishes if you're making your bathroom into a dining nook. The shelves and cabinets that used to hold shaving cream and perfume can hold wine bottles and snacks if you decide to make your bathroom a mini lounge. 

Though it may be unconventional, embracing toilet-based decor may make for surprisingly good-looking interior design as well as a definite conversation piece. 

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How to construct a bathroom from the future
Posted on Monday, April 15, 2013

Are you obsessed with modern interior design? If your bathroom's bordering on old school and you want to transform it to look like something from the future, you might take inspiration from new Belgian architecture. 

Belgian architects reveal ultra-modern design

Dethier Architectures, in Liege, Belgium, has created a space-age style home out of an old bakery, according to Curbed. 

A huge, chrome pod stands in the middle of this building's interior. The structure contains two bathrooms, a closet and a heating system for the house.

The inside of the pod contrasts with its silver exterior color and the white paint of the living space. The pod has two bathrooms, each showcasing sleek, modern decor. One is painted bright green, and the other is a vibrant orange. 

The white fixtures in the bathrooms have respective orange and green accents, from the towels on the wall hooks to the loofahs in the showers. 

Adopting a modern look for your bathroom

Maybe you want to take on a new-age look, but aren't quite ready to invest in one of these super futuristic pods. With certain design choices, you'll nonetheless be able to update your bathroom to a modern standard. 

Home Designing shows you how to do this with minimalist style. Make the space seem open by allowing plenty of light into it. If possible, enlarge the windows of the bathroom space to let sunshine flow in to illuminate it. 

Another way to open up the space is with mirrors. By making the surfaces of the room reflective, you can visually double the area's size. 

As the Belgian pods demonstrate, a trendy color scheme is that of a mainly white space contrasted with a single, vibrant color.

You can easily achieve this by painting the entire room white, from the floor to the walls to the ceiling. Then, choose a flashy red or a bright yellow with which to match all your fixtures. Make the pieces of furniture, from the bathroom vanity to the linen cabinet, have this color. 

Adding a few funky fixtures may also add to its modern look. Home Designing suggests hanging a steel chandelier from the ceiling or putting big, wildly-curved hooks on the walls. You also may find a new-age sculpture or a minimalist painting to grace the room. 

A bright and open space with this modern-style decor will make your bathroom suddenly avant-garde.

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Instilling calm with Asian design
Posted on Friday, April 12, 2013

If you consider your bathroom a sanctuary of sorts, you may want its design to instill calm. The clean-cut layout of an Asian-inspired bathroom, with its open space and natural accents, may help you find your inner zen.

A couple makes their bathroom Asian-inspired 

Jeri Alles and David Hanley recently transformed their master bath with this Asian style, according to the Daily Herald. The rest of the Illinois couple's home looks all-American, yet the bathroom transports anyone walking into it across the world. 

One large component to the room is the substantial light that flows in to make the space seem brighter and roomier. Melissa Wilson, one of the Hanleys' designers, put a skylight in the ceiling to accomplish this. 

The layout and shape of the bathroom also contributes to its aesthetic appeal.

"The view into the bathroom from the master bedroom was very important. By angling the vanity wall, the multiple cabinet depths and curve of the countertop could be better appreciated and draw you into the space," Wilson told the source.

Limestone tiles in the shower balance the cherry wood of the bathroom's cabinets. The floor boasts porcelain tile in a rice paper design. The design of the faucets and towel holders is reminiscent of bamboo. From the layout to the appliances, the bathroom takes on an Eastern essence and provides a feeling of serenity. 

Create your own Asian-themed lavatory

You don't necessarily have to hire designers to create this sort of peaceful facility. Better Homes and Gardens shows how, through a few easy tweaks, you can instill a tranquil style in your bathroom.

Ultimately, giving your bathroom a clean, basic look is effective. Instead of getting elaborate, go simple. Keep the odds and ends in the bathroom minimal and tasteful. 

Nature-based decor contributes to successful Asian design. You'd be amazed how many bamboo products are out there, from wall screens to shower mats. A tall plant or bonsai is ample decoration, and won't muddle the space. 

Make sure the bathroom gets plenty of light as well. If you're able to, enlarge your windows. Otherwise, find long and narrow panel lighting to illuminate the area.

Instead of a traditional bathroom vanity, give your room a contemporary look with a glass or copper vessel sink. If want to make a big investment, consider a washlet. These bidet-like toilets are huge in Japan, and will bring a certain luxury to your bathroom.

Overall, though, the main way to feel collected in your bathroom is to keep your space bright, open and clean. 

How to construct a unisex bathroom
Posted on Thursday, April 11, 2013

Whether you share a bathroom with your hubby or you happen to be the only girl in an apartment of boys, you likely want your facilities to cater to both sexes. By making gender-neutral design choices, along with implementing a certain piece of new technology, you can make the ideal unisex lavatory.

The key is neutralizing

If you're trying to make all bathroom-users happy, you may want to push down your impulse to be too extreme in color. shows how a bathroom with both bright and dark colors might bring opposing personal preferences together. Instead of tacking up a lacy pink shower curtain, tiling the shower blue brings a similar brightness into the room. Dark brown flooring balances this out tastefully, and a white wall adds contrast to the space.

In terms of the bathroom's fixtures, choose pieces that have similar simplicity. shows how a wooden vanity adds a natural, gender-neutral element to the room. 

Be mindful in your choice of bathroom accessories, as well. From the hand towels to the toilet paper holders, choose neutral colors and simple designs. If, once you've made your bathroom gender-neutral in design, you feel it still needs a little something extra, you can also implement a new, helpful device.

Remembering to keep the seat down

The long-standing, often silent battle between bathroom users of opposite sexes is that of the toilet seat. According to WTOP, a new device from Tip Alert eliminates this issue through a simple alarm system. 

The peel and stick device attaches beneath the toilet seat. If a bathroom-mate starts walking away without putting that seat back down, a playback alert sounds to remind him to do so.  

Additionally, according to the product's website, the device contains an LED light that flashes every 15 seconds,  warning people in the dark if the seat is up.. 

Putting this gadget in your bathroom may increase the harmony between sexes by reminding its users of restroom protocol. Other small additions may appease both male and female facility denizens. If you have a basket next to the toilet, try keeping it stocked with sports magazines, fashion literature and music rags. Put a big medicine cabinet in the room to hold his shaving cream as well as her perfume. These items, combined with neutral design, may make sharing a bathroom a little easier.

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How to make an eclectic bathroom
Posted on Wednesday, April 10, 2013

If your bathroom is a bit drab, think outside of the box when redesigning it. Traditional black and white tile may be tasteful, but you might want to make your facilities memorable with eclectic choices.

Making a dull room extraordinary

Perhaps you do have one of those not-so-interesting bathrooms. If the tile floor hasn't been updated and the walls are simply off-white, you can do a lot to spice things up. 

A recent Business Day article discussed how a Scottish hotel has done just that. The basement of the Newmarket Hotel in St. Kilda, Scotland, closely resembled a dungeon before Six Degrees Architects renovated it.  

"It felt like a giant tomb, with only the concrete walls, floor and ceiling," said Mark Healy, a director of the architectural firm, according to the source.

The hotel decided to transform this space into their decadent Cellar Bar. The room's designers let their creative juices flow, making a lounge area comparable to that of a swanky club, complete with Persian-inspired carpeting, velvet drapery and golden mosaics.

The Cellar Bar's bathrooms show this same pizzazz. Six Degrees held a competition among its architects, resulting in the completion of truly eclectic facilities. One of these is reminiscent of the Paris Metro. Another is referred to as the "birdcage." A combination of copper pipes and mirrors on the wall make this particular room seem infinite. 

Just as these architects transformed a banal basement into an eye-widening masterpiece, those who want to enhance their lackluster bathrooms may do so by getting similarly creative.

Adding panache to your bathroom

By shaking off the image of a traditional bathroom, individuals can achieve a truly eclectic design. shows how instead of typical painted or tiled walls, a bathroom can be lined with brick for a unique look.

Additionally, instead of using the classic white or pale hues for the space, choosing darker, denser colors for a bathroom may make it intimate, albeit different. Don't stop yourself from painting a wall dark blue or changing out your old shelving for a striking glass vanity. 

With additions like curtains of colored lace, an oriental rug on the floor and a piece or two of modern artwork on the wall, your bathroom will be one-of-a-kind. Offer oriental-style robes on wall hooks and daintily-patterned towels next to the sink. These out-of-the-ordinary choices make for a truly distinct room. 

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Making an eco-friendly bathroom
Posted on Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Whether you're an environmentalist or you simply want to save money on your next utility bill, you may want to make your bathroom eco-friendly. From the toilet to the bathroom's design, you can make your facilities green.

Find toilets that waste less

Water constantly runs in the bathroom. Whether in the tub, the sink or the toilet, lavatory users constantly wash, rinse and flush. People may implement sustainable practices like turning the faucet off when tooth-brushing and taking five-minute showers. Additionally, though, they can invest in their fixtures to reduce their utility usage.

A recent Cape Cod Times article explained that in Falmouth, Massachusetts, citizens have used their toilets to clear up the town estuaries. Septic wastewater increases the nitrogen levels in these water sources, and "Eco-toilets" that are either composting or urine-diverting limit the amount of nitrogen entering the estuaries.  Composting toilets are totally waterless. Urine-diverting devices separate nitrogen-rich urine from the rest of waste, allowing for less to get into wastewater.

"We hope and expect to discover that [eco-toilets] can reduce the amount of nitrogen from our septic system ... by something between 70 percent and 90 percent," said Win Munro of Falmouth's Water Quality Management Committee. 

In addition to compost and urine-diverting utilities, there are low-flow options, according to HGTV. Lessening the amount of water per flush, these toilets offer a more traditional alternative that is good for the environment.

Make your space compact

Avoid excess in your bathroom. A shower stall as opposed to a full bathtub takes up less space, and showers are more efficient than baths.  Opt for a smaller sink, and don't run water continuously when brushing your teeth or shaving.

Whenever possible, find ways to reuse materials. HGTV shows how you can install wood floors made from recycled material. Tiles from natural stone are another environmentally-friendly option. 

In terms of accessorizing, shop at second-hand stores for bathroom odds and ends. From the shower curtain to the soap dish, you can find gems that will accent your bathroom distinctively, as items from a thrift shop are almost always one-of-a-kind.  

Employ green design

Finally, impress the environmental theme with nature-based decor. Put some plant-life in your bathroom. Make sure you have a few windows to allow sunshine to filter in. Use natural tones in any paint or tile decisions you make. These design choices, coupled with eco-friendly utilities, will satisfy any nature-lover.

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If you're a fan, let your bathroom show it
Posted on Friday, April 5, 2013

Real fanatics, whether of sporting teams or rock bands, often like to showcase their obsessions. Many times, people dedicate a room in their house to whatever icon they may idolize. Instead of choosing a basement or a study to do this, why not use the bathroom?

The bathroom is a place everyone uses daily. Utilize this frequently-visited space to highlight whatever it is you truly love.

Start with the floors and walls

Make it obvious to anyone entering the facilities that you're a fan. Tile is a great medium for those who want to create a permanent design on any surface. If you're dedicating the room to a sports team, consider using its colors. Lay these down in a traditional pattern, or consider a bolder design.

The Washington Post recently showed how a couple in Rockville, MD transformed their bathroom in honor of the Washington Nationals. The couple used tiling to really get their obsession across: The tiled shower walls depict the Nationals logo on one side, and a map of the stadium on the other. A Nationals shower curtain falls across the fixture. Additionally, they made the bathroom floor look an actual playing field, with green tiles as the grass and tan ones as the batters' boxes.

Artwork is an easy way to get your walls in the spirit of things. If you don't want to invest in a tile project, make a spread of framed pictures on the walls. Whether shots of Jimi Hendrix or stills from your favorite gangster movie, pictures efficiently grace the space, adding aesthetic quality. Other paraphernalia makes the bathroom even more distinct. The Nationals fans nailed baseball bats to the walls. With this sort of decor, your bathroom will make a fun, bold statement.

Accessorize the bathroom

Next, fill up the space with items to go with your theme. Use your bathroom vanity as a space to line up knick knacks devoted to your idol. You'd be surprised at what you might find at a local thrift shop when it comes to these items: Pick up logo-embossed containers to hold hand towels. Make a magazine spread accordingly: athletic magazines for sports fans, music literature for rock 'n' roll enthusiasts. 

Putting these small additions into your space will make it distinct. Along with tile and paint, your bathroom will be a true demonstration of your love as a fan. 

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Go vintage with your bathroom
Posted on Thursday, April 4, 2013

As thrift shopping and relics from the '70s make a comeback, it looks like vintage has become chic. If you're inspired by the style of the good old days, you might consider implementing it through interior design. Your bathroom may be the perfect place to go retro, from the walls to the bathtub.

Make the space old-fashioned

When remodeling, it's good to start with the floor. Find unique floor tile: Perhaps go for the classic white, especially if you plan on putting color elsewhere in the room. Better Homes and Gardens features a vintage-style bathroom floor with small blue squares interspersed between larger white tiles. 

Tile doesn't have to stop there, however. BHG shows how you can implement it on the walls, as well. Here, invest in color. Putting tiles halfway up the wall, leaving plenty of space above them, creates a classic appearance. 

Once the floors and walls have the antique look to them, you're ready to fill the room with old-time fixtures.

Find throw-back utilities

Bathtubs with feet may seem like ancient history, but they could be the central design piece in the room. You can easily attach a shower head and curtain to these fixtures, too. shows that any tub that is separate from the wall is perfect for a vintage bathroom.

Similarly, choose a sink that isn't fixed to a countertop. BHG showcases a fixture away from the wall, standing like a pedestal. With a hot water knob on one side, cold on the other, these sinks add a refined edge to your facilities. 

The toilet itself can look like it's from years back. If you don't want to purchase too old of a piece, touch up a modern item. BHG shows how simply painting the lid a solid color to contrast to the rest of the toilet can give it vintage edge. 

After you have these bigger items in place, accessories for the bathroom are in order.

Choose the right odds and ends

Here, you can use your imagination. Scatter small items around your bathroom that you may find at a second-hand store, but that aren't altogether tacky. 

Line your antique bathroom vanity with old perfume bottles and mason jars of flowers. Add a woven basket of hand towels next to the sink. An engraved soap dish or a lace shower curtain will further instill the feeling of yesteryear.

These small additions, coupled with vintage-style design changes will make your bathroom look old-fashioned, but nonetheless stylish. 

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Get creative with unique toilet lids
Posted on Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When looking to make a bathroom truly distinct, one can do more than paint the walls or add new tile. Consider the toilet itself as a canvas to apply a bit of flair. From there, you may be inspired to spice up the rest of the bathroom.

A lid featuring the Dude

A recent NextMovie blog post showed how people can get creative with their utilities. DeviantArt, a website where artists share and sell their work, features a toilet seat cover honoring "The Big Lebowski."

For avid fans of the 1998 film, this decorative piece is essential.

The lid, created by DeviantArt user "Cakeonmyface​," has a black background with the Dude himself as its central emblem. With a halo around his head and a milk carton in hand, the cult classic character played by Jeff Bridges graces the fixture. 

For those who see the bathroom as a sanctuary of sorts, the Dude may even do just the trick to instill a kind of calm.

The item is about as classic as Lebowski himself. One could ask for little more than this ultimate conversation piece to put a bathroom in a unique tier all on its own. 

Do it yourself

Use "The Big Lebowski" item as inspiration and create your own piece to grace a bathroom. Better yet, make one for a friend. These lids are the perfect gifts, especially if you're the crafty type. 

Whether you decide to dedicate the piece to a movie, or simply apply an eye-catching design with your paint skills, the lid will be a one-of-a-kind installment to its recipient's bathroom. 

Give your entire bathroom a theme

There's no reason to stop with the toilet lid. Consider colorful toilet paper holders to add even more character to the space.

Insert funky lighting in your bathroom. Soft pink light adds a nice touch, but to go along with the Lebowski theme, consider brighter hues. Bulbs come in every color of the rainbow, from red to blue to orange.

A nice shag rug adds a groovy touch as well. Choose a vibrant one that will match the rest of your bathroom: maybe a kelly green or yellow.

Really hip out your bathroom to go along with the Dude. Find a psychedelic shower curtain. Fill the linen cabinets with towels that have off-the-wall prints on them. And don't forget to keep plenty of robes, similar to what the Dude would sport, on your wall hooks.

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Japanese toilets make for true luxury
Posted on Tuesday, April 2, 2013

There are many ways to make a bathroom truly luxurious. Although what often comes to mind is a beautiful bathroom vanity or a new tile floor, now, a Japanese invention has allowed homeowners to exude grandeur through their toilet

A New York hotel ups their toilet standard

A recent USA Today article notes that a hotel in New York now features high tech toilets in all of its rooms. The Japanese company Toto is the manufacturer of the devices, called washlets. 

The toilets have multiple features that make them more like French bidets than your typical American facilities. 

Each device, according to Toto's website, features five rinsing modes. Additionally, the toilets have heated seats, three-temperature warm air dryers and automatic air purifiers. The toilets emphasize cleanliness, with an "adjustable cleansing wand" as one of the features.

The device is undoubtedly luxurious, thanks to its deluxe massage and temperature control features. The ability to use a remote control to switch its settings to your wishes allows users to attain maximum comfort and efficiency with the touch of a button.

The Kitano is a hotel located in midtown Manhattan. Originally, according to USA Today, the establishment only offered the washlets in their suites. Once the hotel's Japanese clientele showed their appreciation for the toilets, managers decided to install them in each of their rooms. 

""Our Japanese families expect them. We thought it would be a great way to make them feel at home, and we thought it would be a great differentiator for our American guests…It's a nice little luxury," Clement Carey, General Manager of Kitano, said, as quoted by the news source. 

The washlets may in fact be becoming more popular, outside of the hotel as well. Guests staying at the Kitano - or any other establishment that features the toilets - who have never experienced such luxury in their utilities might realize that they can upgrade their own bathrooms with the devices.  

Install a washlet in your own home

Carey says that along with the Japanese guests already acquainted with the washlets, Americans staying at the Kitano have also been enjoying its toilets. For those looking to have a truly high-class and extravagant bathroom, these utilities are the perfect addition.

All the washlets are deluxe, but those wanting to invest can look into varying models of the toilets that vary in price based on the extent of features. 

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Thoughts on making an apartment bathroom splendid
Posted on Monday, April 1, 2013

Some people sharing a living space may think their options for clever or enticing bathroom decor are pretty limited. Not only may they be hesitant to take steps like purchasing an elaborate bathroom vanity out of either financial constraints or worries that it might not fit their roommates' tastes, but they're also coping with spacial limitations. 

But there are simple tweaks anyone can put on bathroom decor that should be subtle enough to suit any aesthetic preferences, and ways to add the illusion of space to a bathroom. Even if it's a physically small space, it doesn't have to feel that way. Let's start by looking into ways to make a bathroom feel more spacious. 

Organizational tips 

While writers for Martha Stewart's website and other decor experts have published compilations of accessories you can pick up that might make it easier to keep a bathroom organized, there are plenty of ways to improve storage without spending any money. For instance, setting aside space for each individual household resident's toiletries in the vanity is a good way to make sure things don't get cluttered and mixed up. Making sure to throw out empty shampoo bottles, toothpaste tubes and other old containers helps, too.

Decor ideas

Better Homes and Gardens points out that when it comes to things like bathroom tiles, renters may be unable to make changes if their landlord doesn't approve. But if they're stuck with tiles that have unpleasant colors, there are ways around the problem. The source explains that adding some continuity to the color scheme of the shower curtain, towels and other accessories could make renters feel like they're the masters of their own bathroom decor, even if they technically don't own their own home.

Think provisionally

Another hurtle renters might be worried about for their bathroom decor is that they don't want to spend too much time and money improving the ambiance of an apartment they're not planning on living in for more than a year. But BHG also notes that - the same way they can salvage an unfortunate tile or wall color - many accessories and garnishes can be quickly added and removed from a bathroom. For instance, putting a skirt around the vanity might make it look prettier, and the renter can add his or her personal sense of flair to a bathroom without having to install anything, or bother the landlord.