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Hopefully it's never happened to you, but it's happened to many of us - after or during a relaxing trip to the toilet, an errant flick of the wrist or an accidental jostle of a pocket leads to a smartphone flying into the john. With so much of our lives and leisure connected to mobile devices, it's a real nightmare scenario. 

If you want to avoid this ever happening - or want to stop it from happening again - here are some tips to keep in mind.

Keep your smartphone away from the bathroom

While this may be the obvious way to dodge a smartphone-destroying bathroom incident, it may not be the most realistic. After all, many people enjoying using Twitter and e-mail while attending to their bathroom business, and it's hard to remember to take your smartphone out of your pocket every time you head to the loo. Nonetheless, the website Bleeping Technologies explains that smartphones should be kept out of the bathroom, even during showers due to the damage steam can potentially cause to electronic devices. As a recent list of smartphone-protection tips offered by CNN states in regards to bathroom-based smartphone usage - "just don't."

However, sometimes accidentally bringing your smartphone in the bathroom isn't such an easy mishap to avoid. Therefore...

Consider storing your smartphone in a jacket pocket or purse

Regardless of how your usual bathroom rituals work out - odds are, you don't tend to bring jackets or storage accessories such as purses into the bathroom. It would be hard to make a habit of taking your smartphone out of your pocket every time you head to the bathroom, but if you always keep it elsewhere anyway, this could help lessen the likelihood that your smartphone will ever fall victim to bathroom-based water damage. 

At least avoiding taking calls - especially business-oriented calls

If the threat of water damage isn't enough to stop your from using your smartphone in the bathroom, at least learn from the mistakes of CBS writer Steve Tobak. A few years ago, he wrote about a story in which he was engaged in a business call while on the john and accidentally grossed out a coworker by flushing - which gave away his location. 

But don't forget - if worse comes to worse - you can always submerge a wet smartphone in a bowl of dried rice after you've removed the battery. This is one method that's been proven to salvage water-damaged phones. 



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