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Some of the sexiest showers in the world
Posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Virtually everyone has a different definition of "sexy," as one could surmise by taking a quick look at the varieties of showers that found their way onto the internet's various lists lists of sexy showers. Some people think the future is sexy. Others might have that same opinion about exotic locations. There are even individuals out there who consider historical reenactments sexy.

What does that mean for bathrooms? That shower panels find their way onto all sorts of stylish locales. 

Multi-head futuristic shower

Weburbanist points to a shower with numerous heads - so as to ensure that every inch of a person's body will get thoroughly clean - on its list of the most off-kilter showers it could find. It's called the "SilverTAG" shower unit, and it runs on computers. There's even a blast of water that shoots up directly under the user's feet. The source notes that Gizmodo has stated that it costs $100,000, and it looks like the experience of using it would be somewhat like taking a bath and a shower simultaneously. As far as it being "sexy," that might depend on how much an individual enjoys new technology and futuristic designs.

"Viceroy Anguilla"

Not surprisingly, Travel And Leisure focuses its list of sexy showers on those found in hotels. Near the top of the list, it places the "Viceroy Anguilla" shower design used at a huge resort on what the source calls a "sophisticated Caribbean island." The shower is located outside and is closed off from prying eyes by surrounding walls. While it certainly seems to belong on a list of sexy showers, there's something to be said for the fact that just about anything that happens during an expensive trip to the Caribbean will seem sexier than everyday things.

Rain-emulating shower

Meanwhile, the "RainSky" from WebUrbanists' list is designed to recreate the experience of taking a shower outdoors by making the stream of water falling on your head reflective of a deluge of raindrops. Not unlike the multi-head futuristic shower, the "sexiness" of this device depends on personal preference. If, for example, you like the idea of experiencing what it would be like to take a shower before modern bathrooms existed, this could be your kind of shower. After all, when cavemen got dirty, cleaning themselves in the rain might have seemed like a good change of pace from washing in whatever nearby river or lake they normally used. 



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