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While some people looking to improve the ambiance of their bathroom may decide to invest in a new bathroom vanity, others might think that a simple organizational change up may be the best path to take. For example, Jennifer Burnham of South Park Magazine recently published her personal set of tips for how she goes about organizing her bathroom "by function and then letting the style follow suit." She recommends keeping a tally of what is generally done in the bathroom - showering, hair drying and teeth brushing for instance - as well as what kinds of things need to be stored in the bathroom. These may vary from person to person. Bald people, for example, won't have to worry about shampoo storage or other necessities related to hair.

After that, individuals should consider ways in which these things could be made easier and storage more efficient.  She encourages making the best use of wall space - presumably by installing towel hangers and shelving - and focusing efforts on arranging cabinets and drawers with an eye towards maximizing efficiency. 

Making pragmatic bathroom decor decisions

Meanwhile, a piece appearing in the Wisconsin-based La Crosse Tribune recommends keeping practical matters in mind when redoing a bathroom. For instance, the source notes that even web personality Nicole Curtis, noted for her interest in renovating historic houses, emphasizes the necessity of making sure that plumbing and other ground floor basics are up to code. 

Practicality could be even more important for individuals who are getting up in years, according to an expert the news source spoke with. 

"Most homeowners prefer to stay in their home as they age," Miles Wilkins, owner of Board Store Home Improvements, told the news source. "The bathroom is often one of the areas of difficulty as people struggle getting in and out of an old tub and/or getting up and down if they prefer bathing to a shower."

While the source recommends installing walk-in showers, other steps people getting on in years could take to make their bathrooms safer include planting safety rails along the walls of the shower, and even in the rest of the bathroom. Mats can help, too, since tiles may become slippery when wet. While bathroom mats require more frequent cleaning, they could still be a means to help prevent falls. 



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