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News source publicizes plant-based bathrooms
Posted on Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bathroom decor isn't simply limited to utilities such as bathroom vanities and other objects that may serve mostly practical purposes, depending on the design. The website Care2 recently published a set of its favorite bathrooms that have been transformed with floral adornment. These bathrooms originally appeared in the news source Gardenista.

Taking a glance at the pictures, it appears there's a handful of different ways to go about adding plant life to a bathroom's atmosphere. The first picture on the site shows a large bathroom that appears to be in the center of some arboretum. The spaciousness of the bathroom that gives it an outdoor-like feel as much as the plant life itself. The designers of the third and fourth bathrooms Care2 displays seemed to take the opposite approach to adding plants to their bathrooms. The third one is practically packed with different varieties of plants, while the fourth goes as far as to hang a moss-like flora on the walls, in the manner of a picture. 

But a large bathroom isn't always necessary to make the best use of whatever plant life is available for decoration. The next bathroom on the source's list simply arranged green leaves around the mirror hanging above a modern-style bathroom sink. 

More ideas for setting up plants in the bathroom

There are benefits to keeping plants around apart from how they can make a room look prettier. Suite101 points out that plants can help keep carbon dioxide at low levels in a room, while adding to the amount of oxygen in the surrounding environment. 

Meanwhile, displays several other bathrooms that apply some creativity to the placement of plants around bathrooms. The first keeps its plant placement minimalistic - there's a pot of flowers on the rim of the bathtub, and tiny trees placed in the windows. There's also a greater variety of exotic plants scattered throughout Houzz's collection of bathroom pictures. The purple-flowered plant sitting on a bathroom vanity in a later picture looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, while the trees out of the window are an example of how floral decorations don't necessarily need to be inside a bathroom. As for the other pictures, they make it seem as though sometimes a single potted plant or flower can put the background of the bathroom over the top. 



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