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When picking out decor, think about your own personality
Posted on Friday, February 22, 2013

If you're thinking about remodeling your bathroom, before deciding on decor such as a modern bathroom vanity or a vanity with an antique style, you might want to ask yourself - what kind of bathroom decor would best reflect who I am as a person? 

A new report from the Deccan Herald explains that quite a bit of thought should go into an individual's choice of decor - and the more options for furnishings he or she has, the better. For an example of how far "out there" decor can get, the source points to some people's penchant for bamboo flooring. While it's hardly impossible to install flooring made of the South Asian plants, it can get pricey - plants and water don't necessarily mix, and extra precautions need to be taken to prevent problems such a floor breaking, and to make sure people don't slip. But for individuals of means who like the idea of exotic, naturalistic decor, bamboo flooring could be an option that's sure to impress guests. It would also almost certainly make a good conversation starter.

Feeling metallic?

On the opposite side of the spectrum, offers metallic-style bathroom decor as another way individuals could express their personality through their selections of bathtubs, toilets and other utilities. Perhaps this is something fans of heavy metal music could consider, or fans of futuristic science fiction where the environments generally exude a sleek, shiny metallic sheen.

On the website appears a picture of a glass shower stall held together with corrugated steel. The look is described as "unexpected yet sophisticated" by Houzz, and certainly projects a modern aura onto the rest of the room.

What your bathroom really says about you

We're only talking about how bathroom decor can reflect your personality, but the KingsBathroom website takes that thesis to the next level and proclaims that you can tell quite a lot about a person simply by looking at the condition of his or her bathroom.  Some people might say Kings make a decent point. Someone with what the source calls a "romantic girlie" personality may make use of bathroom accessories like heart-shaped soap, while a "slick and shrewd" urban dweller might keep their bathroom a bit more organized and minimalistic and a bathroom shared by a family will reflect the hectic nature of a multi-child household. 

One thing KingsBathroom notes that we absolutely agree with is that everyone should put more care into their bathrooms. The solitude, comfort and opportunities for hygiene it offers every day clearly goes under appreciated a lot of the time. 



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