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Tumblr documents New York City bar toilets
Posted on Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Practically everyone's had a unique experience or two in a dive bar toilet. These are often the locations of events that may be horribly embarrassing the morning after, but turn out to be funny stories years later. With consideration for the oft-unspoken significance of dive bar toilets - especially in big cities - a proud Gotham resident by the name of Ian MacAllen started Toilets of New York, a Tumblr that was recently profiled in the New York Observer.

However, MacAllen explained to The Observer that he's more interested in graffiti and other decorative elements to these sometimes nefarious toilets than their back stories or stigma. 

"I realized someone was taking a whole lot of time on these bathrooms. They're really delicately curated, both the objects in them and the wallpaper," MacAllen said to the news source. "Some [bathrooms] have the classic New York City subway tiles, some have this black and white theme from the 1920s."

He also told the New York Observer that the toilets on his Tumblr generally happen to be from bars he's hanging out at, and sometimes he'll take a trip to the loo for the specific purpose of observing the toilet for his website. 

Oddly, most of the toilets featured on Toilets of New York are pretty much typical looking toilets. But a few really stand out - the black and white clown-themed wallpaper at East Wiliamsburg's Shea Stadium would surely make for a memorable adherence to nature's call, as would the epic amount of sloppy graffiti adoring the walls in the bathroom of Welcome to the Johnson's in the Lower East Side. 

Some far stranger bar bathrooms

While nine out of 10 bar bathrooms may be more-or-less interchangeable, Bar Whiz put together a compilation of the weirdest bar bathrooms in the world. Not surprisingly, a New York City bar tops the list - Bar 89, whose lavatory's stalls have glass walls that turn to a darker shade once the doors are closed. Meanwhile, Barcelona's Vampire Bar features a tiger stature that oversees and pours water into the sink. 

But those looking for a more outdoorsy drinking and bathroom-using experience need look no further than La Kiva in Texas. Number 10 on Bar Whitz's list of interesting bathrooms, La Kiva was forged into a cave near the Big Bend National Park in Texas. While vegetarians and others who are sensitive to animal rights may take issue with some of their decorations, undeniably, the bathroom may be worth checking out. How often does one get the opportunity to go to the the lavatory in a cave and still feel civilized? 



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