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Much ado about bubble baths
Posted on Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bubble baths aren't just for babies...or celebrities. Many people might even remember "Transformers" star Megan Fox enjoying a dip in a bubble-filled bathtub in a commercial that aired during the recent Super Bowl. But you don't have to be an infant or a movie star to relax and soak in a delightfully foamy cleansing. 

These days, there are other advantages to bubble baths aside from their stress-reducing abilities. points out that some bubble bath mixes on the market include herbal oils and aromas that may even improve skin health. AltiusDirectory even reminds us that, unofficially, January 8th is considered Bubble Bath Day every year. But really, any day could be Bubble Bath Day, and the source offers tips for maximizing your experience surrounded by bubbles. 

These include turning your phone off, lighting up some scented candles, using warm water and dimming the lights. These might be better tips for adults, though. Children, it's said, should have their favorite bathtub toys on hand. 

In addition - unlike showers - it's easy to take in your favorite type of entertainment while taking a bubble bath. Ever try reading in the shower? Of course not. But you can curl up with a favorite book in the bathtub the same way you might on a comfy chair. Some of the more expensive waterproof versions of television screens are designed to be watched in the bathtub, and there are plenty of waterproof music players for the same purpose.  

But when did people first begin pouring bubble bath mix into their tubs?

Bubble baths: the back story

An account documenting bubble bath history appears on Hub Pages. It explains that the origins of bubble baths began when bath salts came into fruition during the early 1900s. The development of certain chemicals - including saponins and surfactants - played an integral part in making bubble bath soap easy to mass produce. 

A more comprehensive history has been put together by the company Mr. Bubble, although its focused on the organization's own product. The Mr. Bubble mix was created by Harold Schafer in 1961, according to the source, and was originally a powder instead of the liquid product it's currently sold as. The intent was to make bubble baths within the financial means of most Americans, and to make it available at common retail department stores. Marketing bubble baths to children, in particular, was a novel idea at that time, states Mr. Bubble.   





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