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Common bathroom decor mishaps (and how to avoid them)
Posted on Thursday, February 28, 2013

Redecorating your bathroom can be more complicated than you might assume. But if you make one of the many mistakes outlined by The Learning Channel, LamorindaWeb or other decor-oriented information resources, don't feel too badly. If these redecorating mistakes happen frequently enough to be considered "common" mishaps by numerous experts, you certainly wouldn't be the first one to take a wrong turn while redesigning what might be your favorite room in the house.

Here's a quick list of the most commonly cited mistakes people make when redoing their bathroom, so you have an idea what kind of actions to avoid.

Plan ahead, and get accurate estimates

TLC points out that many people go into the process of changing up their bathroom without a sound idea of how much what they're planning will end up costing, while Lamorinda Web says pretty much the same thing about how much time the project is going to take. Before you begin, you should talk to at least a few different decor professionals to get the most accurate assessment of what kind of time and financial commitment your project will require. Even the process of picking out and purchasing items you plan to add to your bathroom may eat up some time, according to Lamorinda Web.

Make sure you have enough room for storage

Both sources point out that if you don't take into account how much storage space you'll need under your bathroom vanity, you're certainly going to inadvertently cause yourself problems down the line. Double check that you're leaving yourself plenty of closet and drawer space. 

Make sure doors open without conflict

The last thing you want after finishing an elaborate redecorating project is to discover that your shower door can't be opened without smashing into the shower panels, which inevitably leaves marks that will have be to fixed before the home is resold.  

Think about resale

A few of the common mistakes pointed out by TLC basically pertain to resale value. The network advises against going too "trendy" or installing decor that may be too nuanced to appeal to prospective buyers in five-to-10 years if you're trying to sell your home by then. As for that bit of advice, let's let the individual be the judge. After all, even if it makes a house harder to sell to people with different tastes in decor, putting some personality into your home furnishings can liven up the bathroom for as long as you own the house.   



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