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Celebrities in the bathroom
Posted on Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Many celebrities use their notoriety and fame to draw attention to pet causes. Pamela Anderson has spoken out for animal rights. George Clooney has visited third world countries to document the struggles of their citizens. And Matt Damon - star of Hollywood smashes such as "The Departed" and "Good Will Hunting" - has done more than his fair share of charity work.

However, with his newest pledge, meant as part of a campaign against the global epidemic of toilet shortages, Damon may have one-upped the commitment of every other celebrities' humanitarian efforts put together.

"Two point five billion people lack access to toilets or basic sanitation. More people have cell phones than have toilets," he noted  at a recent press conference. "In protest of this global tragedy, until this issue is resolved, until everyone has access to clean water and sanitation, I will not go to the bathroom." 

When Damon, co-founder of, was pressed as to whether he is simply declining from using toilets or has worked out another method of disposing of his bodily waste, he responded to a member of the media, "You're the reporter. You do the math."

Damon is encouraging people who share his concern to also boycott going to the bathroom until the rest of the world can safely enjoy access to a toilet. Or, they can simply donate $25 to his organization, and the money will go towards installing toilets in at-risk areas.

Former president documents his bathtub time

But Matt Damon isn't the most famous, and certainly not most significant person whose bathroom habits made news in recent days.

According to the U.K. Telegraph, former U.S. President George W. Bush was the victim of email hackers last week. Among the private information that was stolen by a hacker going by the alias of "Guccifer" - digital shots of a series of self-portraits Bush has painted of himself in the bathtub and in the shower.

One painting shows Bush's bare back as he stands looking at himself in a small mirror while showering, and another depicts his legs and feet while soaking in the bathtub. Both are tasteful renderings.

Putting some perspective of the presidential prints, New Yorker art columnist Peter Schjeldahl speculated that Bush could have developed a particular fondness for going about his business in the bathroom during his two terms in office. Throughout those years, it was the only time he ever truly had to himself. While Schjeldahl feels generally positive about the paintings, he decided Bush should be called a "besider" artist instead of an outsider artist.   


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