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Where romance meets the bathroom
Posted on Wednesday, January 30, 2013

You might not consider the bathroom the most romantic space in your household, unless you're lucky enough to have installed a whirlpool built-for-two. However, especially considering that Valentine's Day is on the horizon, it's worth keeping in mind that just because the bathroom is used for personal hygiene doesn't mean it can't include some lovely ambiance.

One person who clearly agrees is interior designer Windsor Smith.

"I love bathrooms that feel like rooms rather than just a place to bathe," he told the home decor news provider House Beautiful. "They should inspire romance. This is an homage to the ceremonial bath, a place to relax and reflect and contemplate simple pleasures." 

There are plenty of bathroom accessories you can add to you lavatory to evoke images of cupid's arrow. 

Lace and other frilly cloth

One need look no further than for a selection of bathroom decor arrangements that wouldn't seem out of place on a store-bought Valentine's Day card. In the first and most prominently displayed picture, bits of lace double as washcloths. Though they would probably need to be thrown in the washing machine more often that black cloths, they're certainly more soothing to look at. In a way, the same idea applies to bathroom curtains, floor mats, and other accessories. After all, a pink, purple, red or even teal towel would certainly be more romantic than a black or brown towel. Furthermore, many inexpensive wash cloths are decorated with heart pattens, which certainly doesn't hurt their romance-provoking abilities.  

Although this might seem tacky for some people, hanging up a heart-shaped mirror would certainly add a touch of romance to anyone's morning teeth-and-hair brushing routine. The same could be said for a heart-shaped floor mat. 

Small, suggestive accessories

Continuing its report on romance-inducing bathroom decor, House Beautiful recommends arranging objects along the lines of pearls, dresser jars and glimmering trays around the bathroom vanity to inspire a bit of an elegance. 

But something you'll see in many bathrooms year-round that's well known for inspiring romance is a vase full of flowers. Clusters of light pink and red flowers are strewn around countertops throughout's compilation of romantic bathrooms. In fact, one bathtub is lined with rose petals. On the rim of the tub stands a bottle of wine and a pair of glasses. It doesn't get much more romantic than that, does it? Perhaps, the bathroom is more romantic than we give it credit for.... 




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