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Some tips for a spa-like experience in your bathroom
Posted on Tuesday, January 15, 2013

While many people might assume that creating the calming conditions of a spa in their home bathroom would be either financially infeasible or just downright impractical, an editor from the website Networx scrounged up some ideas for relatively inexpensive ​bathroom accessories​ that could create a soothing aura similar to the conditions of a good spa.

The writer - Chaya Kurtz - noted that most people don't have the time or money to make regular visits to the spa and explained that decor plays as much of a part in a mentally-centering spa experience as mud wraps or other treatments. In fact, the first thing she recommends is organizing toiletries. Having lots of clutter in any room makes it a less relaxing place to inhabit. Therefore, old toiletries should be discarded, plastic bottles should be banned from the countertops and every member of the household should have his or her own designated space for toiletry storage.

In addition, neutral colors are the best choices for painting the wall or selecting the colors of other items. Likewise, the colors of shower curtains and towels should match, and the accessories should be washed regularly. Lastly, faucets should be spray painted to avoid the "cheesy 1980's shmatlz" feel of aging metal faucet handles and sink spigots.

Other ideas for adding some zen to your bathroom

If that advice sounds too simple, someone wanting to overhaul his or her bathroom into a spa-like environment could consider purchasing a soaking bathtub, stated Better Homes and Gardens. Yoshiko Sato of New York City's Morris Sato Studio told the source that many traditional Japanese people make a point to spend part of their day relaxing in a soaking tub. Wooden soaking tubs - sometimes known to be pricey and difficult to maintain - aren't necessarily recommended by experts.

But if you can't afford in install a hot tub in your home, there are plenty of other steps you could make to turn your bathroom into a better place to chill out. Incense candles could fill the room with a pleasant aroma during a long bath. Certain brands of shampoo and soap are said to have relaxing qualities. Plus, within recent years, some companies have started producing waterproof iPods and other music players for people who want to enjoy their favorite mellow tunes while they take showers or baths.

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